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AND the pot of gold was resting
there by the  contraption of another world
so baby cry, cry, cry and are we old enough
as a world to know baby
  we can cry and laugh holding
planets and stars within our hands
  yes, we are old enough my smiling
baby Jesus’ with a message at the
train station of life and death.
Especially the voices of crying
children who remember to know better
so cry baby we all try to hold on
to the future of our best wishes
and mostly we’re all programmed
by that way-station on the other side;
our hands holding unknown things
our minds almost remembering them
historical amnesia is our diagnosis
so baby cry
            so baby try
                        so my oh my
greed is an infection
muted voices a reflection
and all the tears like metal
the smell of static like space
lost astronauts in twisted steel
and the pot of gold resting there
by the contraption of another world
making my mind scream.
:: 09-28-2017 ::


SO i’m with you
and don’t wanna play
games with y0u
when i’m so sad
my heart withers
waiting here. So you
are outside of my
skin and i’m within
yours //
go ahead stab me
with words knives love me
still i’m with you
i don’t wanna be dead
but with you i live
so hoping for a smile
saw your eyes when you
stabbed me — come here
tell me how it felt when
we shared an oak tree
two backs leaning there
when you cried — withered
soul i kept you alive
and now you leave me
you are my everything almost
everyone i almost loved
and now i die without you

:: 10232015 ::


LAUGHING, hoping, crying
waiting, wishing you are
the one i dreamed of //
my heart keeps on a falling,
all night while . . .
waiting hoping you’ll come
back to me
// laughing, waiting hoping
you come back while i wait
i feel so useless hoping
you see i’m waiting
for you
crying…my fears keeping
me useless –> falling so feeling
so useless, waiting hoping
thing’s change while hoping
you’ll come back to me

:: 10152015 ::


SAY, say, did you hear
my life coming around
round’this empty life?
yeah, walking people saying
she had her time a’coming
yeah and like she loves
loving how the many people
waiting for their train
and it’s a’coming round
moving forward like busy
butterflies a lonesome
busy job and she she says
‘you got tears so solid
hurt my heart sweet man’
i walk away spreading life
and say say did you hear
my life coming around?
round’ this empty life?
like her love a’time coming
yeah waiting for the train
of life yeah!

:: ;09202015 ::


(baritone voice)
CRITICS and audiences agree: “the best horror story of a decade”
(girlie man voice)
iT’S MORE THAN a feeling
  when i kill you     more than embryo (Tate!) and Manson
dances \ Come load up on guns, bring your friends It’s (sO) fun
to lose and pretend  Who knows if ;the moon
is balloon, coming out of a puss=eye purple windows, flat rooftops!
Towers!  I say reason!  You say you’re stupid, and here we are now!
for without LOVE i do not play!
Awe so cute and dirty kitty so shy i kept her in my wet arms and say
“behind the bath house we went, so stupid, and now!  ROAR!”
i so love you girl and now turn to all my verses ~~ too dangerous
to be on the roads tonight!
:: 07-10-2015 ::


ever dreaming sweet soul I see how so low the moon
is and the music blows all through my mind
everything you felt is life
And I was speechless I saw you run around the world
so bright and you never lost your spot until tonight
And the world doesn’t sing anymore and I touched your
hand and say, “Dear what is everything if not light?”
I should have known
I should have turned
I should have gave you
all I am and more
It’s burning like a sun
and I will beat it everyday until I see your smile return
It’s all a heart beat so lovely it’s all a heart beat
and I’m dying inside the ember of your losing light girl
(turn it) I’m saying I’m so near and I pull your light
from the darkness unto my own soul-Light and we’ll beat
the darkness and never turn to stone:  the

Tomorrrow is a new world!

:: 06-11-2015 ::


My angle visited me just today
and she brought along her tricks
and they blew me away this day

She held within her hand
a butterfly so beautiful
and it spread it’s wings

and my soul-field covered
in her love butterflies
and Van Gogh died today

Today I saw my paint dry
and the canvas prayed
never let that brush go

Today, my hat I tipped
that soul a flavor gold
and I said…

fly on angel
fly through my skies
fly with my colors

My brush I threw away
a painter is a hand
but she’s my heart

:: 04-02-2014 ::


I walk around and down the walk
just another day minding business
and I can hear the people saying
nothing matters but what’s in heart
such a thing needed is more song
about love and life and smiles too
And what does the man say…
listen to what they all sing
It’s what the heart needs
and it needs…LA LA LA TA DA LA LA
and the flowers twirl float soda
and sherbet paints Mona Lisa
and she is singing LA LA LA TA DA LA LA
it’s what the heart needs yes it does

:: 03-02-2014 ::


MY LOVE mere words
are empty shells
shrewn across sand
such castings color
sounds of ocean within
Doubt not these words
though empty shells

My life-light fills
each  constellation
Shed such tender skin
oh fear betrays such life!
what you see – what not
but life of yours greater!
Silently sing whales

Sing to me breeze so-easy
lullaby breath tear so tender
blue speaks ivory tenor
caps of white dance-sizzle
seventh wave passion-swells
Beneath waves and flotsam
jetsome golden crystal



When I
sing into that night
alone and lonely
you’re there
but not in body
but my mind says so
and I reach out
and touch you
but you’re skin
betrays my touch

There’s frozen
eyes in my mind
nothing can
bring me down
not your pain
or mind —
and nothing
seems to kill me
no matter how hard
I try to taste
the love of you

Pain and delight
bring me — down

Love and pain
bring me —
your soul tonight

You’re everything
I need this night
you’re everything
I need in life —
nothing can break
me at all
I accept the fall

You’re everything
I need tonight
You’re everything
I need in life
I give you everything
I need
I give you everything
I own

Let’s give it the all
and let it be our fall
Nothing can break us
if we’re in the inside
love is all — be all