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I kissed your clam
shell’d mouth
you bit back life
We strolled on
down the hill
full of sun and thrill
You laughed
at my confession
and left me
It was all
a deception
like it matters now

so what happens
to us now
so what matters
isn’t how
it’s all decisions
within deceptions
is all that matters
now now now

::: 10-25-2018 ::


I AM so I was
there I be
between the has
a step ahead
fire-time burn
Not to rest
yet to be
I surge upon
the emerald seas

A point in time
butterfly touch
convey emotion
will-power sees
weakness in fabric
time-winds tight
spinning busy
with-my cocoon-be



I DON’T even want to say hello
unless the cat has run away
could you be more explicit
in your demanding ways
I don’t even want to feed the fish
who says the ocean can’t live
if your love isn’t given my way

Life was easy when it was boring
nothing more than schemes of thieving
so it was when I woke up this morning
Life is so blue when colors run south

I don’t’ even believe in the fairy
who says the rabbit likes the eggs
and Santa has it easy with his wife
Rudolph gives more than his red light

Life is boring but when I’m snoring
life has more than just a meaning
life is dreaming without a reason
I can dream of schemes…

when I’m dreaming in my sleep!



TONIGHT I’m so dry
but so heart-sweaty
And I can feel you
prancing all around me
So I saved my life today
when – of you I stopped
thinking yea, almost drowned
within my lust all for you

But I’m still hungry for you
no matter what I do
I still hunger for you

For months I drank your blood
we can’t always do that we want
at least that’s what everyone says
but I won you in a game of chance
and your braid rests upon my heart

And I’m still hungry for you
no matter what I do
I still hunger for you

So soliloquy speaks for me
upon my stage I break the rule
no matter what they think
and they think what they want!
I’m still hungry for you
Yea, no matter what I do
I’m still hungry for you



HEY mystery girl
where do you
come from?
I come from
the land of
a hidden world
You can reach me
through a rising moon

Who do-you voodoo
tonight girl?
I could should-you
fool-you tonight
Baby gonna make
me forget it all
She gonna burn
the pain from my land

Where do you plan
to go tonight girl?
I’m gonna spread
all my love tonight
Where you gonna
start my love?
Gonna start right
there in your heart

She gonna make me
— all right
Piece me
— all back
together this night
Go ahead voodoo girl
gotta make sure
you get it right



REDUCED I feel so lightly
and say no more than ‘sword’
Gently digging-cutting
so scorned a love as yours
—  bleeding–killing vicious
The soul I once so loved
— and gently knew…
withered before
my bleeding eyes
A kiss to you my ghost
and gently sweep away
from dust to dust as most
I once believed in us
But now I lay to rest
this deceased dream I must



I DESIRE that which is mine
and give no quarter
to those who challenge
the fruit of my tree of life

I guard with constant diligence
the beauty by my side
her beauty madly drives
sane men into frenzy

Tis such a small price
for a gentleman to pay
to possess such a fire
her furnace forges my love

Fair warning to weaker men
best you chase less fair women
my stick has a spot for you
surely your head atop my spigot!



GOLDEN dreams
once I had
— like swaying braids
of yellow wheat
across vast fields
of loving land
But such dreams
— in parched days
and so they died
Now I sleep
and pray to dream
of crystal lands
and blue-kiss skies
She touches me
and my fears flee
Tenderly sleep-dream
kissing me
— we tenderly dream



SWEET wonder-thought
I visit you often
within my safe-case
Away from the noise
of frentic soul-sought
My comforter be still
Allow me this moment
so late this evening
I feel be-ought thus
we oneness are
Nothing more needed
only you this one-night
Hush…no thought…
Undulating bliss…
No-thing for naught!


You ate me — yeah, ate me
slayed me — again and again
nothing begged-nothing said
and you said to me —
do it again and again

I said “hate me” with spit-you
and you drank me all up
sadistic man burn you-soul

I said hate me — don’t slay me
you felt me — feather-soul
said love-me but you don’t know
I hate you waste-you slay me

I’m not the only one
— not the only one
more came–last one
and I hate you-burn you

Slay you–slay me-hate you
god-less soul thunder-bolt
raw-soul hate you-leave me