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A DEAD man once came to me
within my dream – was more than that
He I met while still alive
Christmas trees he sold to the living

Across a swath of Texas land
those trees peppered the ground
like missiles they pointed upward

The greatest smile and warm-jointed hand
A true soul with weathered spirit…

Many times he approached me in my sleep
always caring and doing for me such things
aside from that long story I have to say…

His message was a note for his daughter
Holy symbols he used in all he did
as the number 3 — dreams, divinity and me

So in the year of his death — which I not knew
I went to visit his Christmas Tree ranch
parked my car and walked toward the receiver

A lovely lady who stared at me — questions…
we felt the connection and I had to say
“I have a message for you from your daddy”

She burst into tears and fell into my arms
“How did you know, Sir! How did you know!”
The short story for you — I tell the reader

“He said he’s saved and dearly misses you.”



AND in the land there be images
such an imprint of days before
a photograph of moving pictures

The thread of reality weaving
both emotion and image into one
a blueprint of what was before

We clean the slate with time
but the eye sees the state of order
and beneath the lie — therein lies

Psychic mind rest your thoughts
the gift of sight can make you blind
to the world from which you were born