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Tiny Tim with droopy eye went out
with corpse-woman (she’d heard
he’d died)
Had a cigarette between two finger’d
bones called life and when living
ladies heard he’d died the world
began its wailing from the other side.
LAPD roped off the scene but the
ribbons were too low for ghosts and
all his demons.  Detective Mister
found his bloody revolver and no cell
block too secured assured for dead
men so police offricer said, “Tiny Tim
was too beautiful but he died today;
the judge had verdict match the
coroner;  misadventure in love case
closed casket so move along move
along my fiends.

:: 03212016 ::


we met at the local coffee shop
and i told you our romance was over
you choked at first then cried
some tears and said you had already
left me
i walked away and did not look back
you were crying and so very alone
on the way home i saw a wreck
no survivors the police said to me
i saw your car then realized
your words //within the carnage
of twisted metal there you were
and had been dead for hours



The weary seams of soft-silk souls
seem too loosened to visit my world
but they do.  And often by haunts,
their dreams become my own;  as
a sin unowned; rarely my feet walk
within God’s garden silently.

The uninvited adore my skin
and breathe especially at night.
As many intervals between life
and There, so too my awareness
of Them, those who with ghostly
sculptor-hands, turn heads
and minds too. It’s my words,
my word, too, They built the
bridge across which I now go
while I sleep reading the
dark book of the Beginning.

:: 01-22-2015 ::


MANY times, more than twice
I have seen,
the ghosts of family, friends,
and then some whose faces
that I did not know…

Quaintly, with ethereal elegance
they are silky touch, feather
breath, and opal eye
outside of the tick-tock
of father-time

It is most inappropriate to ask
of them, to state their business
or intended pleasure

Extend your politeness over scorn,
I say!

:: 09-19-2013 ::


i went to sleep in a bed of roses
in 1563 whilst William Byrd appointed
organist at the Cathedral —
and awoke in a dream —
in 1963 did i and took a stroll
in infant dreams, amazed was i
those colors brilliant and cold i wept
and wish i did to escape
back into that forest
where i slept — in that bed
of fragrant roses which I slept
and now a soul captured — me
a sentence i endure until that end

:: 03-24-2014 ::


IN my eager need I stepped beyond my living soul
into a place which kept those yet unseen goals
Such a surprise today I met!
To see the future and my life;
the good and sad and grand
and the ones who have I
loved, met, and died —
upon their lips they sang
to me, “achieve all my dreams”
within your life;
another step I took — returned
and now believe my dreams.

:: 03-20-2014 ::


MY sight not of a keen eye
nor spectacles to shape edge
it is a hidden thing in secret
one not mentioned in daylight
it tells no tale of word or scent
and color — hardly present
but reveals past-futures-past
an end-state and beginning
all depends upon singular point
that consciousness travels —
across quantum foam oceans
infinite possibilities
for you-us-one-me

:: 03-14-2014 ::


I saw a rock hit the abode
and oceans swayed below
only sky remained dried
this my friend, deceased
showed a decade ago
And fires that burned
an Earth, opened hungry
that gapping mouth for life
and fear fed Judgment

:: 03-01-2014 ::


(C) ep robles 2012

IN a dream there I went
at first thought —
i must awake surely now
for i found myself inside
another skin

curiously i watched
as a mouse in a corner
imperative do no harm
then revolt consumed
decency for i knew

just a parasite i was
great haste leaving —
i left the scene
and awoke as a criminal

:: 02-14-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles 2012

Of all the senses most admired
they are not the five mostly known
that I see before it’s done
precog is sweet but full of scorn
And sweet conversation — other side
is kind but exhausts my living life
what mostly I adore — affecting change
a higher path worldwide to take
is clearly the best for all – intention

:: 02-10-2014 ::