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The magic-life like hugging spoon
against another)spoon-like life
a being-here like humanStory
that all thumbly-reading while,
(nothing-here/ but idel-meating(
only imagine,a fall of watering
misty-dreamy godSpray hair-in
a splash across solid maybe
rocks and mistySpirit float-in
ways so slippery mystery-daze!
i(can we?) supposing this
a solid-misty dreaming day?

:: 10-01-2014 ::


In respect to the need for immortality —
it is a disease of fantasy for the mind
there could be no worst sentence if you can
believe in these words I say to you now

To watch your love wither away into sand
and see your children  grow and die
and much more is such pain that you’ll see
cities grow and rot and decay
morals, art, and music sway
all the while you remain
the soul you are in a river of change

If I can choose between death and life
I choose to be the whisper upon the wind
and chase the dreams into my other lifes
and live again and again in perpetual immortality
A different face, life, skin, and family
encased within an immortal skin of soul-life


I dreamed a dream more real than reality
and found myself in a universal library
towers of shelves and gossamer in the air

The binding of a book stories above
caught my eye and I begged to see
a ball of light provided safe flight

Together we ascended the storied columns
ages untold past my path too many to know
and at last I was eye to eye with this book

I asked the light if this was the book
to know and read to know it all
She said to read one was to read them all

So I read from front to back and in between
the mysteries of the universe unraveled
and I knew the story of the One and All

With this knowledge I can make wrong right
and cast away the blight of all human ill
the light said no, you will not remember

Still, I begged, a morsel of truth be taken
to my world to better society and cure ill
the light said each path must work the till

I woke this night with a startle and saw
the Book from this vision and begged to see
but the pages were all blank before me
— // —