In respect to the need for immortality —
it is a disease of fantasy for the mind
there could be no worst sentence if you can
believe in these words I say to you now

To watch your love wither away into sand
and see your children  grow and die
and much more is such pain that you’ll see
cities grow and rot and decay
morals, art, and music sway
all the while you remain
the soul you are in a river of change

If I can choose between death and life
I choose to be the whisper upon the wind
and chase the dreams into my other lifes
and live again and again in perpetual immortality
A different face, life, skin, and family
encased within an immortal skin of soul-life

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  • Rexie

    Very beautiful poem.

    live again and again in perputal immortality

    Nietzsche mentioned this in his thought experiment of Eternal Recurrence in regards to creation and not man per se. Indian Philosophy had already covered this concept by then.


    • erobles1963

      It is so kind to read your reply! Yes it is so! I am/was within the land of India many life’s ago and have had my dream-state take me back to visit my teacher. It was so lovely and I miss him so terribly much. He whispered words into my ear on his deathbed and I feel the words more than I hear them. I awoke from that dream chanting in dual tones and soon afterward I visited the Akashic library. My body is here but my mind is every other ‘where’ in all points of space time. I am not what I was but more of all. And nothing more. I hope I do not confuse you. Meat language is difficult to express the singularity!


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