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DOWN for the ever
where no one feels
but just float about

How summers come
Seasons go
Lost inside a head
But never dead

How plastic transparency
is looking through glass
If you see me i see you

and if we ever talk  about it
i wish you down for the ever

Always know sometimes
i think it’s me
— a dream?  How about a melody
for you and me.

if i had a world of my own
everything would be nonsense!

:: 05.10.2022 ::

The Romantic Synthetic

i touched a flower
on Glisse 49
the sun was distant
but not so much
as the home of my blood;
my Earth gave to me.
It hurt
but the flower soothed
the circuits
of my heart
my humanity
is a gift by Man
but my Soul
by The Creator of All!

:: 03-08-2015 ::