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DOWN for the ever
where no one feels
but just float about

How summers come
Seasons go
Lost inside a head
But never dead

How plastic transparency
is looking through glass
If you see me i see you

and if we ever talk  about it
i wish you down for the ever

Always know sometimes
i think it’s me
— a dream?  How about a melody
for you and me.

if i had a world of my own
everything would be nonsense!

:: 05.10.2022 ::


I fell to sleep a fitful dream
and found myself upon stone steps
I followed a monk into that place
where cosmic meaning lives and breathes
and I heard the canyon winds
and that heavenly chime upon my lips
and sometime later I was summoned
into an antechamber of the Holy One
his age was timeless as his skin
I saw him laying upon a stone bed
and he motioned me come closer
as I leaned over his overgrown beard
so white and unblemished hair
he stared into my eyes and I could not
believe what I saw
stars and life across the universe
looked into my eyes and wisdom
I then knew I was such a lonely man
and my tears could not stop flowing
and I heard that song that never stops
It sang deep within my heart
You will never be alone
and in time you will remember
what purpose within your hands
I kissed the Holy Man
and he whispered into my soul
You will see light in the Darkness

:: 05-06-2014 ::


WHEREBY it may be declared
that mysticism is union
or absorption into that Diety
of knowledge barred
by the intellect…

I do contemplate
nay — surrender
that my character-soul
dreamy thunder-confusion
understands — and knows

The ultimate reality
is more than mere words
practised by unknowns
incomprehensible to minds
but deeply known

Feelings, intuition
beneath the bedsheets
of mistress-whole-mindness