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I Remember When

I REMEMBER when left was right
day was night every night every day
i fell into what ever i do: the heart
is loaded | focus on
those coming up
From Down | we tear out
their minds _ a little thing we do to Kill
boss in denial
we splatch away
to kill a little thing
to save you
is what we do. Whatever
or GhostMostly you we do
— when it comes back down
we send it up /Never come back
down … creature : how the colors and
sounds like what Alice said_

Shoot up! Shoot up! Call 911!
Whether love or hate! Let her take any
other’s place: sometimes I feel me or you |
take all t h is time to relize
i’m tired.

Whatdoyou whatdoyou whatdoyou wish
calm dowm : come down fromt his cloud.
painting? Okay.

:: 10.16.2022 ::


The World is a Monster.
the secret destroyer
eats you all the same
desires and blood
is the game ~

From blame to blame

From sorrow to sorrow

we can’t fake it
no more

From darkness to darkness
and Death lies on Earth

The Land, the Water, the Earth,
the Birds and Animals,
And Man – the Land, the Water, the Earth,
the Birds and Animals,
And Man – like the Wings of Love
the Kingdom of the Earth Is a Prison
Under dying Souls.

To never be saved.

:: 02.01.2022 ::


HEROES walking so softly
l i ke
my feet cry like my heart
consequently ourLife demand
in bed the dreams make
breakfast for us
just a time like lovers
love — you can never leave
and for a change i gave you
me…believe in me

In me i see the neverSpace
without you meDied
and another time you lived
and forgot my soul believe
believe…believe in me
The universe has her heart
but her sisters — untold numbers
so goodnight…i see you everywhere

and if everyShould took my life
i should say it lives within me
and you, if you climbed into light
you would see me…there across
the megaVerse of my Love for you
and I beautifully believed in you
tonight, my feet cry like my heart
i crucified my Brother-in-one,
and another, gave the world
justfor the beating heart
of you…and for a change
i gave you
me, believe in me…

:: 11-04-2014 ::


MY DEEPEST despair, a formal greeting
Such reasons like pompous meanings
My heart bleeding upon corner stones
Such time until I become seconds

My hands so calloused in meaning
Of feelings, heart, and believing
Tis a frightful way
Regressed living
My cage small in existence

But now is paramount to be
if nothing just for me
A summer breath burning
From flesh–to–boiling–it’s me



I made a meal
for you and me
but my plate
was bare
— save the porcelain
— one for you
The truth
of this matter
as surely you may know
— I cannot eat a meal alone
So I watch your plate
and silver fork
and know where
this scene will go
— as my thought wanders
across the big unknown…
Today I placed
a vase of flowers
upon your burial stone
— in the rain
Mourning is the meal I eat alone



BY what measure
to determine love
Surely not during mingle
but upon separation — I say

Then only does the heart —
feel what it has not
The mortal wound of happiness
— // —