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i can stir you with a swizzle stick     //make a thin neck break: make you
a Manhattan that takes you to Jupiter now \   through the heart rye or Canadian whisky and red vermouth :: we travel the stars buying all the real estate like a bloody Mary and turn your coals into ice or make your spine climb up your back — Maraschino cherry
(swizzle stick) a truce for life up in my room and pull
the world from under you /analyze any faith through the brain
with no antidote — we all know blow-back sometimes for a thrill
but nothings like Earth’s air (we are searching for a place
like Earth to ruin again) light years to go.

Bought a planet called HD 209458 b (nickname “Osiris”)
all they wanted was a few beads and an axe called the “lady.”
reminded me of my ancestors and Chicago.  Now I am soiled by
soul; interplanetary officers joke and say, “he would sell
his mother if she was a rock.”
  So now i set my sights on a region called Empty God.
No planets, stars, or gases.  
  Under my console i keep an ancient alien document
no one knows of — therein lies the mercy of God.
After thrusters here i go.

:: 10.10.2020 ::


Ernest Robles
4:38 PM (3 minutes ago)
to me


OCEAN SEA orchids
chase my life like
a drowning human locked
within your Jonesy Box
as depth as a water-trap
ocean ate-your-flesh
and left priceless complaints
— all deep within an ocean-cold
ice/falling below depts__
maybe eating orchids of wondrous
remedies i came across fallen angel’s
hair and partook within baby’s breath
/the world thrown down — ruinous
unbiblical nooses and racial complaints
! hell no. enough is enough NOW.

:: 07.22.2020 ::


inside the MOUTH of the sun
frail invaders come as i have crawled
to the corona of the lone cactus — day
and night are both and none: space is
full of surprises and sandstorms the glitches of time.

:: 07.12.2020 ::


the beauty of the
smite me!
A machinery
of faulty flesh
encased by Soul
in all the UNIVERSE!

:: 11-08-2014 ::


IF the world be held
by a thread of despair
let our love repair

Such state of disrepair
reeks injustice for life
and conjures illness

Where is the outrage
against such injustice
that derange dictate

My asylum is well
but the madness runs
and the keys it holds

My world such beauty
nature states refinement
In the end love repairs

:: 01-28-2014 ::


AND the last kiss
from the last lovers
on the last day
for Mother Earth
reignite the flowers
swimming fish
flying birds
crawling things
And the hope
for humanity
and all creatures
large and small
This is love…



I TASTED a feeling of wonderment
more than once within a span of life
greatness prevailed human depravity
to hear Beethoven –
Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125

I tasted a feeling of wonderment
more than once within a span of life
greatness prevailed human ignorance
to understand Einstein –
E-MC2 is not small fare of ingenuity

I tasted a feeling of profound shame
more than once within a span of life
to read of tyranny –
Hitler, Mussolini, Mao, and Pol Pot

Wonderment is a bitter-sweet taste
it holds no-bar the color of bearer
wept we should and must we be in awe
humanity so beautiful yet so horrific!



AND when I walked
the path toward the light
and you said that I could not see
what you meant was nothing darkness
and in the light I knew your heart
it was made of clay and dirt
and in this dirt you woke me up
and I saw the light within you
and we made the world into this rock
and so we reap now what we sow

Who will see the light within this darkness
who will make some sense of this?
I can only hope for light and love
and love is what we need this day

You will see light in the darkness
you will make some sense of this
and in the morning when you awaken
there will be a butterfly for you

Who will see the light within the dark
can you take this staff of light
and make it yours to remake this world?
I give you the dream of living life

::01-02/2014 ::


I AM a bundle of confused what-if’s
swimming southward toward the State
— of ‘Has-Been’
Knowing so very well my passport
has become full and expired
No country can claim me
— not even your Earth

I am the man that fell to space
and can never return…
lost in your meanings — such language
cultures, music, poetry — too much!
The whales they understand such feeling
your largest creature for a reason
the hottest blood, heart and soul swims

But I have drowned
and so go I must…