A Short Screen Play


A bustling square filled with poets, listeners, and the melodies of words being spoken. OLIVER, a boy with dreamy eyes and a notebook in hand, stands on one side. AMELIA, a girl with a radiant smile and a collection of poems, stands on the other side. They both glance at each other from afar, their curiosity piqued.


CLOSE-UP of Oliver, captivated by Amelia’s sparkling eyes.


CLOSE-UP of Amelia, enchanted by Oliver’s genuine smile.

Their gazes lock, and an invisible thread seems to pull them closer. With the crowd swirling around them, they instinctively navigate towards each other, finding solace in a quiet corner of the festival.


Oliver and Amelia stand face to face, their hearts pounding. Their words flow effortlessly, weaving tales of love, loss, and the beauty within. The world around them fades away as their connection deepens.

OLIVER (whispering) Your words touch my soul, Amelia.

AMELIA (softly) And yours, Oliver, paint pictures in my heart.

Their eyes lock, brimming with unspoken emotions. In a moment suspended in time, they lean in, their lips meeting in a tender, magical kiss. It is a collision of longing and understanding—a profound union of two poet souls.

The air crackles with electricity as they break apart, their eyes shimmering with promises.

OLIVER (whispering) We’ve discovered a love beyond words.

AMELIA (smiling) Together, our poems will become symphonies.

They hold each other, understanding the profound connection they share.


:: 05.16.2023 ::

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