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and rains came to clear
that thought (and lightning
still called walking upon
all fours) the world is the
world for kind as Me.
In lost society
are empty streets
and empty thoughts
the dead having died
have no more words :
even God and Government.
Like things are permanent.
And what you express
in his spirit is nothing
but word, “Mankind.”


:: 01.16.2023 ::


i made you happy in a noose twice tied
say how you cut y o u r s e l f
it makes you happy red blood rivers
and little boy with a paper boat
watches how you feed the river
from your veins And if you cut
my throat i could have sang how you
make his boat float upon the river
happy and i am frozen
happy and i am frozen
in all my pain
And you really know
i’m a senseless apprentice
how to knock and roll
my feelings -oh! don’t go away!
a little boy with a boat watching blood
float his dreams and i’m pulling the
plug and if you say “i’m
so happy, “watch the rock’n’roll
a boat in a river full of blood and
your happiness is the hull of a ship
that drowns in all
you dreams of!” GO AWAY! GO AWAY!
So don’t you fool yourself
keep yourself in a trunk
of ship buried so deep
and you never knew —
the boy without love or humanity.

:: -8=27-2015 ::