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Me! Miserable and no clarity
in which way to fly
Nothing but infinite wrath
I have then flown to Hell
as I feel I am myself Hell;
and the gaping MOUTH of
infinite despair
Wishes to DEVOUR me
and shows me a Hell more
like a Heaven than where
i now am.

:: 05-10-2019 ::


NEAR the end of everything
life became more clearer
the whisper became loudly:

i should be laughing
i should be crying
i should be hanging —
up there

so do not come to my grave
because i am still walking
{i am not there]
do not bring me flowers
because i left my heart
beneath a growing garden
(it’s all within my will)

You know that love desires
valleys so deep like an ocean
and the highest of hills
within its swollen rolls
like a mystery mixed in a potion

And   everything is made of love;
like a thousand winds that blow
like a smile it kills the heart’s pain
Unlike the day the world came apart
and    the sun burned out
and    the moon fell down
and    the fire became so cold

So i am dead but still walking;
the living ghost of past memories.

:: 05-31-2018 ::


SKIN is my lie,
and beneath the flesh
called lust
it told me,

“you are ME”

I walked a mile
and met my space
where I dream life
and thought it through

My flesh lied as all
dying things do
I love it for trying
but always, I knew
my eternal being!

I’m not here.

:: 11-04-2014 ::


One’s life,
a covered pane
with fingerprints,
that remain —
a last breath
the final frosting

:: 03-02-2014 ::


IF I cried
the world
I do believe
would sigh
no passion -only
I believe
and I refrain
— delicate mind
wishes do believe



SUCH VISITS I am humbled
those who host such events
Unseen but felt they are
paranormal pleasantries

They are without names
or title but speak to me
royalty and common seed
Such like flowers un-grown

Second Coming will be known
even now the knock upon door
Such guests never say
when they come — even now!



CROUCHED like a bent shadow
it oozes into your heart chamber
this thing called drama
such distaste like metallic powder
radioactive tumor future
fester blister in hot puss
insanity breeds sore illusions
I touched the atom-heart today
boiling hot in buried fuel rods
isotopes that life-span eons
my hair fell and nails rotted
my soul in disrepair shattered
give me China syndrome
I melt through Mother Earth
and hope to reach your burning heart



HOW I miss the touch
of tender flesh
loving eyes
such gentle kiss
But weak I was
before many born
and took my life
— emotional storm
But if I could
look back with eyes
or shout above
these screaming cries
to you say I would
— love life
live in love
whether pain or sorrow
for the living
— there’s always tomorrows



AND so blew in the winds across
the barren lands of vast disillusion
and into the window of your mind…
The canary called by a song as you fell
upon the space across a cliff
and down you spread
– crying-hope –
within your arms bitter-taste despair
by salt-pain bearing enduring – not sparing
fearing the loss of love



REDUCED I feel so lightly
and say no more than ‘sword’
Gently digging-cutting
so scorned a love as yours
—  bleeding–killing vicious
The soul I once so loved
— and gently knew…
withered before
my bleeding eyes
A kiss to you my ghost
and gently sweep away
from dust to dust as most
I once believed in us
But now I lay to rest
this deceased dream I must