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poetry is more than words
it is a stage
it is a canvas
it is the sky
and more
by colliding objects
by smothering silences
by squelching shouts
there is the rhythm
of a post-language
with images
with idea
with signs
eventually born
in eternal force!

:: 05-10-2019 ::


digirati night-time romance
zeros and ones flow lovely
black on green is better
than white on black
and in the end we are
offsite disaster-recovery
human-computer interaction
is not the issue dear
but elite intrusive probing
snowden, orwell, and turing
who is in my dreams high or low
nothing but intelligence dear
it’s nothing to get hung about
always know that dreams are more
than the eyes in which we see
and strawberry fields are forever
and what you know is not more
than the dreams we dream and see
let us sleep and wake up in dream
and live life as one forever-be

:: 03-11-2014 ::