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will-be was
always driving
the nail
into the wood
crashing light into
the void
less voice
you’ve always got
to do what they say

And no one’s going
to give it away
they’re always making
it hard for everyone
even today breaking it

will-be was
always striving
when your head’s
within the ground
always making it
and they’re taking it
so no need to keep on
faking it

They’re going to take it
They’re going to break it
Even when you’re dead
Even when you’re gone
So no need to fake it

As it’s always
it’s always
the will-be was

:: 02-11-2018 ::


skinny-tight mini-skirt android
carrying silver platter dreams
Vince Camuto Kain pumps
as red as that heart in me
a blue diet elixir — so hot
keeps me young today
and that velvet pill
made of machine parts
too small for the eye to see
erases the wounds
and clears my brain
heals my wounds today
since he’s gone I can laugh
and hysterics are my friend
since he’s gone
my android — what a friend!

:: 04-03-3215 ::


digirati night-time romance
zeros and ones flow lovely
black on green is better
than white on black
and in the end we are
offsite disaster-recovery
human-computer interaction
is not the issue dear
but elite intrusive probing
snowden, orwell, and turing
who is in my dreams high or low
nothing but intelligence dear
it’s nothing to get hung about
always know that dreams are more
than the eyes in which we see
and strawberry fields are forever
and what you know is not more
than the dreams we dream and see
let us sleep and wake up in dream
and live life as one forever-be

:: 03-11-2014 ::


BROKEN video
Instagram friend
Twitter fiend
Bring to me
flesh and bone

Tag this — frack you
Like me — diss you
Scream forget you
Lick my like *itch

Plastic hopes
— drop the soap —
really now…
don’t you know?

Forget me now
photo dope
living shallow
Hello? Hello? Hello?


:: 01-11-2013 ::


EMBRACE the brave
new sickness– it will kill
as surely as it heals


MY reproduction of love
so precise in detail
your sister distorted
intentionally ordered

Some say you are a fake
but truth becomes your right
in hyperreal distortion
I claim you as my own

Millennium have tried
to reproduce true nature
but in my century of pose
such claims took hold

Sorrowful metallic tears unfold
— facing naked prejudice
life is complete! — besides
composition of carbon or steel

You live but don’t breath
and eat but don’t thirst
and sleep but don’t dream
complete me you complete you

Some have asked a famous line:
do androids dream
of electric sheep
yes and more — such is love