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Bring your face to be a friend take a stab bring again a friend
iridescent bubbles crab tastes like smiles — a stab to her heart
killed him // outside a danger \\ acting stupid //(words) a judge
smudged freedom therein my [friends
it’s so loose — overRAM overCUMed
dirty dirty words/ Inside my here
and now [hungry religion] — my
libido // a quaint gazabo \\ i
threw up purple tongueLIZZARD
it’s their lifeSTYLE
their ENTERTAINMENT –{environs]
my last FORGET oh yeah forget
makes us small //a whiri-wind
hello? a whirl win ; we danger
we more so Iris God – a dirty word
//sea and sky ; a two-b l a d e of
cloud-nynmph /love you likeHuman
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah…yeah
My love, my un-natural creature
let’s not forget (yeeessss) i find
it so hard so wide so large i say
neverMIND nevermIND yeah my Greek
Goddess of the Rainbow //yea, yea,
a flea bleeding feeling finding makes
smiling my tender meats; AND outside
danger: who we are now? ENTERtainers?
do youLOVe NOW ;’ excuse for a kiss
to remember? Hey hell, hey hell,
hey hello…hell, hell, hello nO!
i was can’t wait!

:: 07-04-2018


it stops now without words
how i’m so low so high
the finest steak i ever had
burning mind across life
bbq smell the love
bbq so sad it died
like my family too
black sheep baa
wack cheap lies
i won’t cry i can’t complain
and somewhere i wonder
a little soul wandering
so cold confused wondering
what the hell I AM TRYING TO SAY
make it clear //not making sense
i say i love all of you NOTHING
SPECIAL when i’m done i go home
and what should i do? ;wept
a river under the bridge
where i live // won’t complain
i’m on a plan leaving you
i won’t complain!

:: 09-02-2015 ::