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GIVE me peace give me
it again forgive me
(beautiful) who I hate again
love me kiss my mouth
feel my anguish again
hate me hate me again
tell me i’m the only one
And i don’t want to be with you
never loved your truth
so kill me and relieve me
oh if you’re my friend
rape me again and give me
the freedom of life again
Taste me and see i’m an angel
Oh god give me a single word
oh god give me a sharp sword
to cut the throat of this one
who rapes me again and again

:: 11062015 ::


it stops now without words
how i’m so low so high
the finest steak i ever had
burning mind across life
bbq smell the love
bbq so sad it died
like my family too
black sheep baa
wack cheap lies
i won’t cry i can’t complain
and somewhere i wonder
a little soul wandering
so cold confused wondering
what the hell I AM TRYING TO SAY
make it clear //not making sense
i say i love all of you NOTHING
SPECIAL when i’m done i go home
and what should i do? ;wept
a river under the bridge
where i live // won’t complain
i’m on a plan leaving you
i won’t complain!

:: 09-02-2015 ::


i am skin you shed
i am dead ~~
i say you like me
i am sad
i am cosmetic drug
i am blue and white
inside all of you

when you say
word i hate you
lord knows i do
when you cry
bird flew away
it’s all you

i am so sick
i am so dead
i am like you
i am what i am
i am that i am

and you: what
are you?

:: 07-03-2015 ::


When we say, “save yourself”
we kiss knowing too well
like when the skies are dark
there’s a sun above
What makes us happy is
when we see rain
and dark clouds
There’s a heart inside
the locked soul of life
And we are so happy
so like when the world fades away
as our fingers fill the
space between the need
of love and I really love
how you rock and roll me
and punk my soul oh dear
Your hair is the color of
night and your eyes the sun
And between the thoughts
a sweet peach upon a branch
that I want to taste if it
makes you happy

:: 06-27-2015 ::


WHO hates me?  scholars?           sisters?  Brothers?
Mother? Father?               I write the words
of my heart and expect no return!
I write the pain and pleasure and never stop!

I was a child     and then I grew up!  And now an
ADULT OF DEAD CHILDREN           — not
me but you!!!  And who are you?
With your foundation of preconceived
poetry and I’m so sad to say!   A MEAT puppet of academic
halls and you can tear down the
diploma of your years learning –>
try to make something NEW ON YOUR OWN:
and  then I’ll notice Y O U
—->>i PRAISE change AND FEAR
no-thing within institutions
and I’m living FREE –? ARE YOU!?

:: 06-11-2015


if i lie within
my bed of pain
let’s call her death
and my sheets i’ve woven
entwined dreams of youth
that i took your breasts
within my mouth
i weep!

and to see how life expands
into a thin string of weakness

and     of   your-heart
and    smile
too i’ve seen thinly die

i ate the dreams
from your mouth

and arguments are stupid things
spectral ghosts of hungry love!
but your eyes and lips and hands
are just as ghostly to my heart
as years that creep away
so do you!

:: ~~ ::


HATE ME, tell me lies
kill me, mother dies
lick me — other side
i’m walking death
to you — loving
fucking all of you
my living is a life
but my dreams sing
between the falling
light of the pines
oh, my heart sang
the day i died
My hair fell yes
across the brow
of my heart last night
and the pines,
where sun never shines
i shiver all through
the long nights
when i realized
my life is a dream
and mother —
she died when you
kissed my heart
and gently killed me

:: 10-11-2014 ::


Lately i’ve come to know
the meaning of dis-so-low
bringing up my daisies
where ever i go driving
along turnpike desert bloom
inside my traffic heart
i got a ticket just for
speeding toward the end
where every crash-car ends

heavy foot crazy jaw-bit love
riding inside my jalopy car
burning smelling wheel cart
speeding straight toward
your beautiful turnpike
i stop to smell the bloom
and daisy-crazy pushing up

i got a ticket just for
speeding toward the end
where every crashCar ends

i never saw the policeSoul
chasing my jalopy car down
my burning smelling wheelCar
now i’m singing of dis-so-low
igniting inside my cadmium car

and i got a ticket just for
smelling your beautiful turnpike
i stopped to smell the bloom
while i die within my cadmium dreams

:: 10-06-2014 ::