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Twenty-first century angst beating at the door
and I say who are you, we are me and all together
sliding thumbs across glass of social media device
and we sing a song across ages unknown to lost souls
which way do we go across crossroads in the fog
waiting for the van to come straight jacket-man
take me and you and we and together reality-SEE
oh the tears fall from marshmallow skies-pink
Who said the Pisces fish jumped out of the water
two thousand years it breathed wet air for all
Jesus rode a fin across the water catching men
but now the fish has a dry dirt to learn-walk
Astrological-mumble-jumble jambalaya dish
spice live-give worm-sign spice lives for all
scientific-spiritual hula-loop gyrating groove
Better learn to walk than drown six feet deep
mother universe hold us up just a bit now
grace is good and love is the cream on top

:: 03-11-2014 ::