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Falling down I found myself
inside myself and some
reason wearing a heart
seemed to be so easy
little gnomes and fairies
squeezing grapes for wine
singing a river ancient song
and fawn and weeping trees
said I should believe in fantasy
they were the wizard all in one
so I sang a song to them all
I sang of strawberry fields
where nothing is real and no
one is in my tree and I must
be high or low and living
is easy with eyes closed
and they all stopped to listen
and said, “You’re no
John Lennon!’

:: 10-03-2014 ::

RESPIRATORY INSIGHTS (Book of Medical Curiosities)

When Gnomes
sneeze the soil
beneath their
feet turn to gold

:: 09-03-2014 ::


I mouthed the morning,
and dew and petal!
I ate the soil but not
the bee, but even thorn!

I saw the gnome too,
inside a root of tree!
I kissed his conical hat
and kissed his feet!

This I did all before
but never in my sleep!

:: 08-26-2014 ::


There you were, locked
in a wintry summer
that long cold
volcanic winter
by Mount Tambora

You spewed German
ghost stories
by German-French tongue
Your th ou ghts

by the silky touch
of cold
a kiss from abyss
to heart

And you, Mary!
Born the Modern Prometheus!

And what say you, maker!
Mot of the clay of monster
but the soul within!?!

A brilliant mind of prose
Imagination beyond the horror
you created that day

A literary monster itself!
No thing that dispose!

:: 08-21-2014 ::

T E X T P E R T — E X P E R T

Textpert expert telling us how it is
a jumbo word manifesto sexpert
I see how a pig could fly
all you have to do is kiss a bug
bullfrogs have all died, oh my!
but the chemical plants
swear on their dead souls
a fish could have two heads
Darwin on steroids drank a coke
and the bomb loves your mother
Tell me a bedtime story
without politics and I’ll die
you are the Textpert expert
thumbing all through the lies
for the world there’s a word
and all the circus clowns have died

:: 05-26-2014 ::


What rivers I cry
blue veins I swim
one upon your eye
backstroke into dreams
a vision burns there
and the angels blew
a kiss that moves
mountains and storks
baby breath paints
pink flamingos dance
a ghost in the closet
panhandled my pocket
i coughed up a heart
so bruised and purple
the medics applied candy
and sugar lips too
I’m crying!  Crying!
Madness dance geeks
and tortoise princess
A smell of summer dress
and that skin so ghost
Emily you ran away
before I was born
My joker – feminine spirit
I know where you are
ingrained within my soul

:: 04-13-2014 ::


my shudder, blessing smile
between blue-blur
scarred skies — society,
fractures creme
egg-pink baby lips
[a conspiracy]
between yard flamingos
and righteous blue beetles
and laughing zealous
crying zebras
the ears have walls
and no eyes to see

04-11-2014 ::


confident  pose exude repose
ness a dress code
that lonely wolf
a hunter afore
and the line —
what hunger-food
satiates my heart
a meal of the soul

meager mind–fast food
no desire i devour
but the rich protein
of a vast soul-woman
the nibble-care love
a feast for centuries
and beyond the curve
come lady-daylight girl
your dance is waiting
a flask of red flair

you who adore mystery
an itch upon tender skin
quiver-lust dream me
my shadow hover there

:: 03-22-2014 ::


all spines break
and cities too
politics cave —
religions too
the mud ups all
and the water
buries memories too
starlight dims
skies and clouds too
i am revealer ma’am
and for you sir’s too
not Death — he is immature
but Me — I am the ONE
love and hate me too
no such thing as fair
only pure light unbear
beyond grey matter too
come to me my mirage
back into my box-cage
let us begin again
and make mistakes right

:: 03-17-2014 ::


Ah, those wing-tip shoes

a hipster attitude to boot

an unreliable man-animal too

I walk the footsteps you choose

dinosaurs walked them too

but a real man — fragile yes

I am unreliable but undeniable

I am a whisper upon your heart

a feather-tickle on your soul

take-me-break-me-make-me baby

I am here for you and only you

and the mighty dinosaurs

will finally rest this day


:: 03-17-2014 ::