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SHE liked me like legs with in (between breasts)
magnet tarry speckled stars of waiting maid ~
/ oh hell \ wait!
i usually forget my line about right (revived) now__
____oh well swelter pieces of pisces and
wooden boxes of girly smelly flowers CHOCOLATE heart ate my
full-OP-ion blossom twirling surprises / your advice : you
mace: –> my face___ 6 feet deep.

SHE asked me, ‘like, does the weight
shape/shadow lure drop deep inside
the ocean of life?
oh for weeks genus prunus lipped lover
Orange-Cherry almond meal of my Heart.

:: 12.19.2021 ::


I DIG love
like it’s honey
I dig love
in the morning
I dig love
…so sunny

What you say
liqurious lips
passion bites
and I sing
scream and grind

I dig love
hm – oh yeah
in the morning
and sunset too
mid-day sweets

I dig love…
yes I do
mostly I dig
— you

:: 01-22/2014 ::


I GIVE TO YOU my feelings
upon a silver platter
Which feeling you choose
to devour is up to you
but choose carefully
there are so many tasty bits
to savior and consume