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A Vegan Aardvark

THEN the skies bellowed a frothy glitter and d o w n became up & sideways
turned horizontally truthful said the vegan Aardvark.

THE Policeman chewed his m0uth-side and a Red Ant crawled out from his nostril
damn-us (Quatrain 173) & my pillow has luscious lips from some disembodied woman
who once cared for me. The rest of this delirious-prose is buried in an
unmarked book within a discount store on the far side of the Moon.


Cherry Blossom Heart

THE moon slid slowly from the light
to slumber in the crepuscular shroud

An illuminated universe lies
in the silver light’s glow

The mighty golden note slumbering
in a valley of undying silence

The distant crimson light’s whisper
Causing butterflies in its wake
The song of the moon played so sweet
as the golden sun faded behind

Now hear the bitter mocking warble
of the bitter hermit’s chant
and ghosts watch me leave you further behind

As the dirt drips down bedding your heavy box
the front of your funeral dress all shadowy lined
And droning iridescent crickets throb in time
within your beatless heart

Cry, Pink White
Cry, Pink White
Cry, Pink White

Like a needle in the pinball machine
you don’t know what you got till it’s gone
If you’re the only one to hold me in your arms
Baby please don’t make me cry

Say it with me now

Cry, Pink White
Cry, Pink White
Cry, Pink White

My Cherry Blossom Heart

:: 07.27.2022 ::


Someone said I wore your face only you could still like that when i closed my eyes  /the last song died and the yearning remains.\

Saying i love you much as the storm comes what color of your eyes cling to your face. i took us to the sea so you could look at me while within arms like a group of living and dead old ladies who wish to dance with me.

How he made a grave  within the street upon the road to nowhere this body, this corpse a mirror of my beauty of loveliness in the world — how you look inside the mirror more beautiful than ever.

Inside this golden unwashed grave the very teeth inside your mouth could not know how to lie.  Hover inside galley nights of sliding seasons of an immense yawn grabbing aspirating  horror.

Then we walked across the ‘again’ and every little pebble stumbled, every little thought.  Every little secret upon your lips and a drop of tears living life as there’s a God watching how we fumble along the way.

Like a hole.
Inside hell.

:: 03.20.2022 ::


the walkway across the bride dear?
we can stop mid-way to watch the
ducks float by as this day does
“Yes dear, let’s do dear.”
We stood. Mid-way and watched
the ducks and emerald-eddies
paint the moment forever within
our Hearts.

:: 07.28.2020 ::


da -=>si
we OUI (wee!) YES!
the frames of life-
video running down that
spine /taking you every-
where one-on-one\no words
can save you this time
except for the golden
Character (you feel it
when Life turns the Screws)
al-pha:BET iconic symbols
of every Language here and
up there — YEA JA HAHA!

:: 07.10.2020 ::


ah, she’s in a sun-dress mood
all yellow with flowers
so blue and oh it’s so good
she has an apple-eye
strawberry mouth
singing how the sun
came on down to kiss her
and now
Ah, it feels so good
and how wishes are
like the wind and
whispers in my ear:
“you’re a lucky
heart to have her”
AH! It’s so good to
see her in a sun-dress mood!

:: 07-25-2015 ::


When we say, “save yourself”
we kiss knowing too well
like when the skies are dark
there’s a sun above
What makes us happy is
when we see rain
and dark clouds
There’s a heart inside
the locked soul of life
And we are so happy
so like when the world fades away
as our fingers fill the
space between the need
of love and I really love
how you rock and roll me
and punk my soul oh dear
Your hair is the color of
night and your eyes the sun
And between the thoughts
a sweet peach upon a branch
that I want to taste if it
makes you happy

:: 06-27-2015 ::

BOX DREAM ( Schrodinger’s cat)

we speak blood-lips
lying crying. locked like-soul
inside box dreams
i swore i kept       key inside my soul
never unlocked: your
forever fears of   life like=life (cancer)
I saw fissure of lies
made me cry,
you gave orchards     a last breath
instead of my love   whose heart remains
i hate!  And surprise  is a torn ticket
to your theater of  pegged-legged hearts
and midget heart    a highness of life
i can cry upon throne     like queen of freaks
I am in front o’mirror  and say I’m the saddest
freak like most humans.
We’re a box dream  keeping Schrodinger’s
cat life — like Libra!

or make yourself real. Eat the wall
that makes you so a whore

:: 02-19-2015 ::


i’m child, singing in the briar
keeping my feet in the air
signing fairy tales aloud
nothing matters to this heart
and the woods and the birds
and the clouds and the air
all are singing back to me!
I say, ‘living is a good thing’
and the shadows chasing me
but my heart’s a-faster!
and i escape the life of you
i kiss the dirt and the bug
even the muddy waters between
my little toes – can’t you see?
just a heart untouched by hate
and the woods and the birds
and the clouds and the air
are all singing back to me!

:: 10-01-2014 ::


I DIG love
like it’s honey
I dig love
in the morning
I dig love
…so sunny

What you say
liqurious lips
passion bites
and I sing
scream and grind

I dig love
hm – oh yeah
in the morning
and sunset too
mid-day sweets

I dig love…
yes I do
mostly I dig
— you

:: 01-22/2014 ::