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Hey oh hey darling
  how the leaves fall
from trees
all my life please
   just touch the
fallen leaves
   take me so closer
to you :  i am far away
so far away until the
wearing of my heart
fades away like night:
tonight my heart is
on the loose || oh
   my girlhood could have
desecrated you;  avoid infecting
the world:  my insides purged
my bloody tales with teeth
as an animal of a clean savior
to scour love.
:: 08.02.2020 ::


my nerves are bullet holes, and swollen veins that have eyes
start to lick my tears and blood. Sirens, jet planes, bad blood,
unhappy fragmented culprits shall angrily testify we are the
extinguished divine spark of sorrowful symphonies — and downtown
ghosts are flinging their feet /and wishing within symphonies\
there i go../hiding my ancient face beneath six churches
my fEAR then died as a bouncing stone of untold heights it flew
then this woman said: what did you do to Life? my heart is
bleeding dreams — she said. To me: from me: i asked, ”
you who do not despise me is a friendly soul.

:: 06.30.2020 ::


Tenderly, I touched
a garden unattended
that heart a field
bleed the seasons
across those crops
I missed but loved
my dear nature-love
what more of you
that the sun took
my youth and skin
I worked your soil
and sweat soul toil
for you I work
those vast fields
You produce bounty
such graceful crops
and I kiss your soil
and eat your fields
My muscle — your love

:: 04-08-2014 ::


MY one and only
great indulgence
not of liquor
or consuming food
but the air I breath
— the sun I see

Simple and pleasant
such is living life
the great indulgence
a song that some
choose to dance
with partner or alone



I GIVE TO YOU my feelings
upon a silver platter
Which feeling you choose
to devour is up to you
but choose carefully
there are so many tasty bits
to savior and consume