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TODAY is the day
I died after the clouds broke
their water and still-birthed
the evening.

I am standing outside
by the edge of a mysterious
forest and the wolves are
sniffing the air but cannot
find me.

I am a ghost. And my house
is the tomb I was born within
but no longer contains me.

There is an empty space
within my heart’s shape
that no artist can draw:
all words too broken
for any poet to express
my emotions.

I was birthed on the day
the beautiful angels were
sick and have now died
as God is sick and the world
a breath away from me.

::: 10-23-2018 ::

What Escape from Society

night falls, smother the frayed nerves of captive souls
like a penitentiary only a lock at the main gate
I crawl over the fallen
my heart in pocket and fractured spirit
a taste of crimson iron-spice in dirt
the ground swells and trembles below my hands
a pulsing monstrous beast come to life
and I, disturbingly intensely pass through
across these lines of densely packed bodies
like moon surface between cavernous crater
my wish like a snowflake above a furnace
to breach the gate and find my life over there

:: 02-20-2014 ::