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Addiction Without Numbers

IT’s easy for ME
if easy for YOU
feeling dizzy
tasting the frozen
skies loaded wrong
my Spirit speeding round
chasing the moon
I bleached my Soul
i swallowed Angel spit and tonight
i howl at the moon (no matter
what i do) the river is loaded
for the people who are my Light
:they will always b e t r ue
and my Soul comes up and goes
down tearing at my brain , the
little things that kill ._
the smallest given becomes
the biggest gift and we’re going up
and coming down scratching away
the little things that kill us ..a little
THING that tears at our brains by little
oh little little destroying us\
the physics of my addiction
had no numbers to measure reality
so its my heart
feeling you.


:: 02.10.2023 ::

The Beggar

As there is beauty to be south
And then as rain beauty seeps into soil
from skies through mortal eyes weeping

A beggar not egging for food but for

Is the truest love when given.

:: 07.23.2022 ::


SHE will say what love is:
and yesterday told me so.
doesn’t matter if the sun
is bright or the longest
of rainy days — i could
never know/mentioned how
a few true men are:
doesn’t matter if the sun
is bright or of darkest
days their true hearts are
as good as gold.

:: 07.31.2020 ::