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By gracious
ancient love
and above all
things that are
gently pleasant
life paused
Just if(for you)
and like all
young new hearts
impatiently moved
by his and her
minds all mysteries
are likeMaking new
memories; by
flesh and kisses
walks and talks
hands over bridges
eyes across love
whose sharp horizons
divide the days
and nights of light
and secret missions/
away together as One
away together in Love
is where our minds
take off\I’d rather
live and sometimes
even hurt if Love
at times tenders me.

:: 03-02-2016 ::


you are indeed beautiful.
I bet your soul is even that more
(more than beautiful)
As a poet I would express the visual
delight of having watched the sun dance
from high to dusk and then watching
bright biggest lights dipping below
the horizon — to witness this within
your eyes (reflections are decisions
we made!)

and exhausted I whisper:

enough. enough! do not slay me with beauty tonight!

Allow my mind to proclaim sunrise in the morrow.

I suggest: teach lovers a new terror
whereby many good hearts flee toward
their lovers.

:: 02.23.2016 ::


A strain of realization
beyond the Eye-See
A touch of familiarity
Delicate  is such wonder!
A poised daisy in a field
more expansive than minds
Dropping tears in vast
nothing do’s
A gleam of immortality
dipped in fog-dew!
:: ~ ::


we met at the local coffee shop
and i told you our romance was over
you choked at first then cried
some tears and said you had already
left me
i walked away and did not look back
you were crying and so very alone
on the way home i saw a wreck
no survivors the police said to me
i saw your car then realized
your words //within the carnage
of twisted metal there you were
and had been dead for hours



I am (my love is) love as if you were
the free rising winds of life or arrow
of roses and thorns that disperse despair!
I love you as towering buildings stand tall
and thunderheads speak with lighting;
my nature is natural to love you as the
plant that blooms and carries beauty
hidden within itself until the light of sun
brings forth those flowers as my heart
blooms for you when the world sleeps I am there
I love you as mystery breaths the interest
of wondering minds and the dense fog of some-
time life is difficult but mostly I am deeply
appreciative that there is no I or you,
only our hands entwined by faith, love,
devotion and time.
I love you.

:: 11132015 ::


SOME possess talent
whilst others are
possessed by it.
One is a gift,
the other a potentially
fatal disease
of spirit and soul.

:: ~~ ::


THE last kiss felt like eternity
i caught myself and all the dreams
i think were real
and the heart tears
a hole in my soul
and i try to kill it
all away…
i saw the gods of love and hate
and tried to kill it all away…
what is life, a familiar pain?
what is love: a poem of death
its what i know
AND i almost had it all!  Until
i let me down
__i made me hurt
and i see a river of little hearts
full of broken thoughts
and i remain eternally
loving what i broke
and i am what i know
all that i could become
just a thought thinking
i could have had it all

:: 07-21-2015 ::


WORDS say I’m shapeless
emotions express mist
heart compressed
life does the rest
a tool for a fool
a hammer for the
and low and high
and hello so low
i fell inside you
if a lifetime spent
so stupid means
i am the entertainer
yo!  Me.
I kissed a baby beluga
in shark-infested water
oh god! oh no, oh hell
oh no, oh well it goes
when we love we die —
every moment we breath:
i’m so brittle-belief
down like the towers
love can be sacrificial
when two don’t see?
and i’m so wasted in
oozy-gluey sticky nature
i think i’m so done
life says “dirty ways”

:: 07-21-2015 ::


ablaze   beached-brash     dusty flamboyant
fluorescent gaily heart in life  by harmonious expectation…
of rejection?!
so harshly my lover;  iridescently
in  your ways
and at times when the blue jay
hesitates in song — monotone
and muted in love; is when the feeling of
joy turns pastel begging
restrain as the last moments
i have remembered in sepia
as photographs so old they are
red-brown colored;
to have known love so translucent
and vivid — a shade violent!
just too painful to recall
and now all white a washed in
what-WAS and isNOW

:: 07-21-2015 ::


WHEN mountains move
and sun dances
and rivers sing —
a melancholic
elegance my dreamy
the female sensitivity
that feather brush
upon my heart as
an angel’s wing!

your genius is within
your heart!

:: 07-21-2015 ::