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Hitman Jesus

He mounted his donkey, brushed its shoulder with his hand,
Sighed and whispered, “God bless this land.”
He woke up and laughed at the absurdity of it all,
Knowing that his fate was sealed, destined to fall.

“Jesus? What’s your name?” came a voice in the night,
“Just passing through, not here to start a fight.
But what can I do for you?” he asked with a grin,
Unaware of the deadly game about to begin.

The request was simple, yet gruesome and dark,
To prove their loyalty, they had to leave a mark.
“You have to kill a man, he’s already dead,” they said,
Jesus was bewildered, but he couldn’t back out now, instead.

As they made their way to the victim’s home,
A voice boomed, “Don’t do this, you’ll be alone!”
Threats and warnings filled the air,
As the tension rose, no one seemed to care.

But Jesus couldn’t ignore the voice in his head,
As he lit up a cigarette and watched in dread.
The voices died down, leaving only silence behind,
The weight of their plan heavy on his mind.

As another voice warned him of the impending doom,
Jesus realized he was just a pawn in this gloom.
He questioned the purpose, but it was too late,
He had to follow through, succumb to his fate.

The night grew colder as he watched them go,
Knowing deep down, it was his soul they’d sold.
He sat there alone, staring into the night,
Wondering if there was any way to make things right.

:: rev – 03.02.2023 ::


LOVE as any worthy heart fascinated by the beauty of intellect ~ tell me, what Love is invited.

Dreams like awakened terrors of minds tearing my thoughts in bright daylight
a savior polluted called Jesus says i’m just a boy caught in a lie
called miracles.

He got on his donkey, brushed its shoulder with his hand, sighed and he said, “God bless the earth!”

It just blew him away when he woke up and started laughing.

Well, I’m going to hell.

“Uh huh. Jesus? What’s your name?”

“My name is… what’s yours? C’mon, it’s no big deal, I’m not here to save the world. I just wanted to make a quick buck on my vacation. If you guys can get through this fake evil laughter… what can I do for ya?”

“No, we’re not going to make you do anything you don’t want to do. But we need some proof. It’s a simple thing. You have to kill a guy.”

“You sure this is the same crap you came up with?”

“Yeah, all that’s been said has been said, we got your back. Only you can’t kill the guy. No one can. He’s already dead.”

“Really? I thought there were cameras and all. I mean, I didn’t know about this.”

“There’s no cameras.”

“But they know something happened, you have to tell him we’re coming.”

“Well, how would I find the guy?”

“Find him yourself. Then I’m coming back in.”

“Really? Ok, I’ll do that, you bet. Ok, what’s the plan? What’s gonna happen?”

“We’re gonna sneak into his house and do the deed.”

“Oh, really?”

“Really. Come on now, my donkey needs to go home, he’s exhausted. You guys go ahead, I’ll meet you back here tomorrow night.”

All of a sudden, a voice boomed through the silent night air.

“Hey, don’t do this. You’re gonna get us all killed!”

“Who’s that?”

“You’re gonna pay. You’re gonna pay for what you did to me. I’m not dead yet. I’m coming back and you’re gonna die!”

A couple of dudes laughed and broke off a piece of wood. They went over to the guy.

“Here, you just kill him with this. Then we’ll hang him in the yard.”

“Ok, thanks a lot.”

They went to get the rope.

And then another voice boomed through the night air.

“You’re gonna have to kill him first. He’s not dead yet. I’m coming back.”

“Oh, really? Well, I’ll kill him. But first I need a smoke.”

Jesus walked to the edge of the porch, lit up a cigarette and listened to the laughter. And then, there were no more voices at all.

Everyone stopped laughing and just stared at the one man, waiting for him to speak.

Finally, a voice boomed through the night air.

“Don’t kill him. I’m coming back. You’ll get us all killed.”

“Oh, really? Well, what do you want? We can’t just let you walk all over us. I need to know what the hell you want before I kill you.”

The voice came back to life.

“I want to be the judge of what happens to you. I’m coming back.”

“Really?” Jesus was getting a little tired of this.

“Yes, really. You’ll regret this, you’ll see.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’ll regret this. I’m coming back. I know what I’m talking about.”

“If you know what you’re talking about, how come you’re not the one in charge?”

“That’s simple. I’m coming back. And the person who’s leading this whole town has got to be punished.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you know, I’m on my way back, and the next time I’m on the night shift I’ll be doing the night watch, right in the house that’s being prepared for you guys. See you tomorrow night. Goodbye.”

The footsteps faded away. The peat smoking stick was smoked out and left to burn in the darkness of the night air. Jesus stood there for a moment and stared into the dark night.

“Ok, the only way out is to kill him.”

He turned back to the others. “Guys, we have to do this.”


“I don’t know, but we’re going to do it. I have to, I can’t have them taking revenge.”

The guys left in a rush, probably trying to collect their cattle for the night.

And Jesus sat there alone, just staring at the darkness.

Religion & Defense

religion is the greatest marketer
of the industrial defense engine;
all believers are enemies of each other
and that makes for a great god of death
and astronomical gains in revenue

:: 03-16-2015 ::


Sometimes uh
sometimes love
melts inside love
and how love came down
to touch deeply
for many forget safety

Oh weep.

Please don’t kiss me so sweetly dear
oh do not touch or embrace my shadow
cause i’ll make you cry centuries
while flowers sprout these tears
feed dirt inside your soul
Baby oh baby coo’ing
and when you look inside eyes
your hurt is inside tender hands
not my arms — how i cannot understand
as a pure artist i see colors and hear
songs by clouds and weeping winds
— all within my heart: lies the
snake called Robert//hiss\\ i hear
you squeal again lovely one.
No disgrace no ageless stinch only
how we scream again — BABY COO
COME AGAIN and be my friend as sometimes
in my skin i pray how no one knows
; how space and time are just thought
bending memories://|| release come
oh won’t you come: release your dreams.

:: 10.29.2021 ::



old ancient tongue
(mysteries unrevealed)
hate my longevity
hate my Heart
An old man hauling sand
asked me a for a coin
of a Roman figurehead — Pontius Pilate!
your part of the Crucifixion
was marked not only in Human history
but within the Celestial Heavens
the summer cooks grass
and life — history cooked all those
who were too blind! Mad! Mad!
Ancient Land – 2020 now —
crazy hearts crazy Souls
unhinged — too (haaaaaa!) Blind!
Mad! Mad!

:: 07.08.2020 ::


i am not the mud not the footprint
of ancient man but a shinning lit
point of a forming light
within dripping tears
No, not a monster or sunshine
at dark — so such our mouths
sing, “we know things so wrong”
just like everyone else…
i used a brush upon an ancient
rock to remove the ages of tears
revealing Summer when this
ancient town died : and n0w \
feeling love. Within a moment
we kissed and hugged at home —
then we died.
i am not the mud not the footprint
of ancient man but a shinning lit
point of a forming light
c r y i n g for anything to remember
we were once alive and living
as a people.

:: 07.06.2020 ::


a broken knee jerk
& mister dark reaching
up to kiss your blue lips
& misses aborted-by-
shattered-hope is how
she jumped the moon //
a crazy trip
too true SCREAMING:
run away run away
–> elope!
the country folk refuse
to see them and
baby tulip smoking elf’s
caught daisy by her
daffodil shorts snorting
a hand full o’loving
it hard; the Pope served
and Mary’s lamb with a
glass of wine and Jesus
Bread \\ And the world’s
on the shelf like a bad
product from Hell so go away
go away just run run run

:: 05-11-2018 ::


IF My mumble-stumbled i say
my knees are skinned
i epoch-ed sealing ghosts beneath
the skin of not Less than(
parenthetical braces fucking
piss me off — so sorry)
can Mary spread her legs
without giving Gods to
this world? I hope she tried.
And all my love you seem different
we’re alive and shall be cities
the haunting sound of a sitar
Mary you haunt me cause i wish
i could reach into you to find
love! I wish to eat the woman
who spawned a deity! Oh i,
oh i, oh me oh my! to think
i could find home and love
between the legs of a woman!
all my love you think you’re
different from other girls.
But you’re the same.

:: 08-03-2015 ::


Your Jesus likes
the walking King
on the boulevard
of spiritual dreams
and i licked sticks
like the wooden
cross across life
Oh Mohammad too,
who knows where he’s
taking me — somewhere
I want to be like
my best friend
And religion is a sidewalk
with many souls
walking the path
towards their dreams
of an afterlife
so I’m taking my
best friend
She knows my buttons
pushing love and
all of my life
IT’S where i want to be;
me and my best friend

:: 02-15-2015 ::


And in my disgrace
i hid my face
inside the skin
of the snake
and asked him
to hide my sins
within his shadow
He hissed and said
“cold and damp,
is my life,
and times are gone
for all true men
to hide inside
the heart of God”
So disguise is gone
and my face is sun
the summer stench
and i climb the stairs
hearing you scream again
Mother’s dead and father
He is arisen in heaven
I’m too cold and damp
so my weathered friend
I go again into the Scream
of deepest fears again
And still the warm winds
of my long dead friends
sing to me once again,
“Judas died for all
the thievery of our souls,
oh, and deep cold suns
and all the living.”
And in my disgrace
i hid my face
inside the skin
of the snake
and asked him
to hide my sins
within his shadow

:: 09-19-2014 ::