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Look into my heart and what do you see?
floating down unconcerned dreams
the haters caught me / those gaudy
Whiteskins taking us for targets
we nailed them to colored stakes.
and i carried nothing for my crew.
No Flemish wheat or English cottons.

You gave the forger and gave it in
God’s Name — oh, no, so, yeah,
you got the spirit of personality!

Where you from?
“didn’t say.”
They think you put a spell upon me
and my mind’s gone.

OH baby – it’s a beautiful day.
Again. This thing, like a, yeah,
Spirit of Personality.

:: 11.08.2022 ::


HOW we eat grapes with swollen lips     how we give blood for Love
      how butterflies float-dip      and    grass     barely stands
while so wrecked we are  “oh those memories!”

For the most i hope all meaning   isn’t lost within a small madness
for most i hope: my escape   wasn’t much too laggy-loosey
but to be free is the shit     yes, it’s all inside our heads
now universal jester   court jester of humans ~
i appreciate that but please
to appreciate that but please
nothing is to explain how my heart drips wonderful
memories across all of eternity? [yes]  Does it have to be?
Was it meant for me?

Then she kissed and said,  “Stay asleep and keep faith.  To be
true so true is to repeat yourself
~ “There’s so many ways to confuse your head.” ~

If by meaning — i repeat myself — /Crack a slice from now \ — kick
off your shoes to find yourself free)(  for the most i wish by feelings
in morning you’ll begin to see the light which you slept last night
— slip drops stand rolled discuss dead air and please explain
about the many ways we can believe in life
when we leave the Love we held so close.

We held so close.

It’s a Soul boy.  Nothing more.  Never need to discuss it again — slip out the side
between white and gray — light or dark will set you free.

:: 04/14/2022 ::


“Suppose I am mad,” thought Alice, “or suppose I don’t know. Then I shall just have to live with it like an ordinary person.”

“There’s no use asking whether you’re mad or not,” said the Cat, “you’ll only find out when you die. Now, as to your business—why, you can’t help having it any way. You’re part of a whole and that whole’s mad.”

Alice thought this over and found out that, in a way, it was true. “If I’m not mad,” she said, “how come all these things happen to me, and how come I can see through walls, and–and such things?”

“You’re not mad,” said the Cat, “but you might start being if you didn’t stop to think. That’s the biggest trouble with you young ‘uns: you don’t stop to think.”

“How can you talk all that nonsense!” said Alice indignantly.

“It’s the best of ideas,” said the Cat.

“Oh, shut up!” said Alice.

“Do you think I ought to shut up?” said the Cat. “Do you think it’s going to do me any good?”

Alice began very much to wish she had not asked such questions, for the Cat only went on and on, explaining and justifying itself, till at length a look of thunder came over its face, and it said in a menacing tone:

“As I was saying, you can’t help having it any way. You’re a chicken, after all!”

“Now, you may be right,” said Alice, feeling very much calmed down at once, “and you may be wrong, but it’s a good deal better to be right than to be right foolishly, isn’t it?”

The Cat only grunted this time.

“Now, you don’t really think I ought to shut up, do you?” said Alice; “do you, in your own mind?”

“You’ve quite got it into your head,” said the Cat.

:: 04.12.2022 ::


for the true artist — art is bifurcated
into many brilliant pebbles of expression
     and many will hate you for it___smear
your work deeply within their heels –>
& tell the kids you are the devil.
    Say again?
       wait until i whip
the tar from my pants
(she was brought up religiously
silly-like)  i cannot wait
to play guitar!   Oh say release
the stress of any shooting star
— where is the one /sometimes
in winter\mostly within the sun
  we go.    hate to leave but the moon
comes (like a kid) over the terminus
of Earth.  

:: 07.23.2020 ::