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MY confession : what be it may
stately said I do adore
hedonistic lore and my passion
borders beyond the day of light
into a fray some may fright
But at the end of any day
a brilliant sun and nymph of light
rules out all it is my sweet
love for life



SITTING so little is   so… This little
would-be bride in   a Kind of cellophane
yellow-red candy dress
     like misery reaching
     its hand tearing fine
garments of feelings I am becoming
millions of broken shards of
eyes that find me  so disgusting
      blue windows – pink rooftops
dirt, sunrises,sewage ditches
and the petals of picked dying flowers
upon my refrigerator ~~ (i use to have purpose)
My eyes still blind from prehistoric light
while the screams and moans of assaulting life
rant through Gotham! With no voice!

:: 06-11-2015 ::
rev: 07102020