Monthly Archives: February 2015


my dear friend
(i did not wish
for you to read this)
my dear soul
i wrote to you
a silent poem
erased by fear
(and time revealed)
my fears of love
that i did not wish
my poems to become
the cheapened gifts
of royalty or life
I only wrote to you
the dearest soul
of common life.
but now the rich
seek to buy my soul!

:: 02-27-2015 ::


the deep thing
we wish to do!
to draw or paint
or write or love
a few to do,
an impossible all!
an any or all
is a life of art!
it is by nature
— that moves
us all!

:: 02-27-2015 ::


A sweetness!  tender
giving loving presence!
the warmth of all-embracing
loving souls greeting!

the Clean Slate to build!
and memories, but an echo!
i, too, feel!  a something
like nothing but more

and words!  and pictures!
colors and voices!
this is a something
maybe a nothing but more!

the crest of euphoria
devours my senses
and all license given
to begin again!

Shall i?  shall i?
i too!  think i shall!

:: 02-27-2015 ::


what dullness!
the divine whisper
what coldness!
a death from life
into a Nothingness

the estate built!
and all the joy
the fear and pain
and knowing ways
released unto the wind!

sodden steps of fear
angelic whispers
and children’s tears!
pallbearer’s burden
to meet a hole!

and depth of sorrow
like running horses!
a fire o’ hearts
burning past memories
quickly — bury them!

all of my death
within that scar
of broken earth!
and the blanket
— mother earth!

:: 02-27-2015 ::


what spark!
the divine spoken
and heart!
a birth of life
unto this world!

from womb to ground
what frightful air!
the light and sound
and breast of love
too soon to care!

such growth like flowers
upon the fields
that time spur in souls
to be human
but die as child!

and soon the snow
upon the cap
of all this wisdom!
to see the crops;
what life has sowed!

that once was spark
but be a spot o’light!
and the worn but soon
quieting march of heart!
that i lay to rest today

:: 02-27-2015 ::


When dreams drop

upon a tender
heart;      falling,
crashing, dying-ly
we know Death has come.
to see Love
perish is a stare
within the Eye
of God and mostly
the thing unspoken.
So better than a star
which falls from
heaven upon the Earth.
To burn quickly
provides no goodbye!

:: 02-25-2015 ::


And wet was night
the blades of green
by full moonlight
and spring.
The little ones
upon the ground
moved toward the
to see the queen,
weeping within
the night!
And hushed; the woods
and flying hearts and
creeping life,
and shadow things;
the queen be sad!
And lit by grief
like falling stars
began to chant,
“The queen must
laugh and not
be sad!”
And all o’ flowers
and tender things
began to dance
angelic song!
And Queen did smile;
her spirit lifted
by sweet Nature.

:: 02-25-2015 ::


when thoughts; gently burning
across the heaving

i am much perfectly simple,
thinking of you.

the grand explosion; lights
like a summer firefly!
it is the simplest perfection
of my hunger for you.
so easy, a delicate

within my soul.
that two could met as one
and become more than life!

:: 02-23-2015 ::




Wakened! my eyes,
awakened to you!
to cast off sleep
and behold the angel
next to me!
i should never behold
what my mind
could never believe!
But so!  What skin!
like heaven!  And
her pout y lips sleeping!
I am less now than before!
to be before my angel.

:: 02-23-2015 ::