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if i am to be vacant of companionship and communion with you

then all has been my own dream.  

i have dreamed of a field

spread-loved by graceful golden wheat and you, the wind

which caressed a life-war torn spirit; trembling hands.

my own as-had as dreams as worn as ancient book bindings

~ lost within the smolders of everywhere.

was youth easy when anchors were drawn upon the bow

and all waves were frolicked star crests upon our arms?

picking up the discarded shells of the battle front-life

a patch of beach-white untouched by strife;  i picked up

a pitted murex and placed it next to my heart.

:: 04-08-2017 ::


there below the last of her
b r o k en h e ART
spread a love that soothed
a secret sorrow!
with life a most inconsiderate
partner of grit, emotion,
and sweat she bit,
punched and screamed,
“If you’d leave me
alone please!”

:: 03-29-2017 ::


THE thorn is beautiful
so today i touched my soul
so focused upon my pain
and my eyes are
looking to hurt myself
to see if i still
feel the tick-tock
of time: and EveryThing
is familiar ~
i tried to ease the beating
of my heart
oh, i remember everything
and if i said everyone
is a thrum -?beating joy
and all the pain i’ve
thrown your way makes
me hurt –~ and i say,
‘my sweetest memory
and i see how you
and me were/the never-
BE cause i let you down
and so i say the Thorn
is Beautiful.

:: 07-10-2015 ::


Being of unsound mind
and confound-heart
i knew these words
before they met:
between sunrise and sunset
a mind i once knew left
and then the heart
that, “why must love burn
when sorrow comes today?”
and now we are me and i
nothing but just the soft
fading ember of life!

:: 07-05-2015 ::


FEELING  telling DYing yelling
screaming painful words my love
I should banish my tongue dear
The world and love would praise this
feat I cannot bear
;I am the fear
that adores you
The hidden heart
of a broken soul
So love me and
especially hate
the little spot
I possess called
fear;  I kiss you
a million hearts
//my enduring lover

:: 06-20-2015 ::


my dear friend
(i did not wish
for you to read this)
my dear soul
i wrote to you
a silent poem
erased by fear
(and time revealed)
my fears of love
that i did not wish
my poems to become
the cheapened gifts
of royalty or life
I only wrote to you
the dearest soul
of common life.
but now the rich
seek to buy my soul!

:: 02-27-2015 ::