Daily Archives: March 1, 2015


little flower keeping
sun lit
within a meadow bright
all of your life
you were waiting
for this moment
to arrive
and your petals follow
the clouds so light
little flower seeking
love all life
within a bee to live
pollinating your heart
across the fields of life
and the sun stays afloat
while you swing and sway
into the winds of this day
a little flower loving life
awaiting this moment to be
and love spreads you across
the fields of life

:: 03-01-2015 ::


i cried cutting two knees
across the sidewalk
thinking i could run
through this thing
called life
i sat upon a grassy
hill fearing life
and saw a color
coming toward me;
butterfly!  come to me,
oh! come to me!
she gently sat upon my lap
easily turning pain
into a life from
a dark night
you were only waiting
for this moment to be
and butterfly i never
saw your colors but now
a painting life
like you i stroke
within all my heart!
she flew away — with
all my blessings

:: 03-01-2015 ::


i am just a fig; a small plastic
figurine man
who has a bigger heart
than all the world;
3.7 billion produced
my protegee
make children smile
a Lego set
within archetypes
of all minds
so many produced
unnamed to simply
fit  within a certain
theme like life
ooh!  oh, a romantic
heart is misunderstood
and the many hearts
collecting me
some without collecting sets
i am so misunderstood!
oh, the romantic heart
all they wonder;
torso, head, and neck-wear
legs — the customization
wears upon my tender heart!
oh!  a romantic heart
is all a plastic dream!

:: 03-01-2015 ::


SO you love soft,
and my heartily-fallen
a slice
of belief-skin
inside your
tender heart
i could not cry
but  yes
you took my
tears way too
i’ve been drawn
into a silent
room of mouth-less
life  awaiting
for the burning
bush of her
forever love
i hate my heart
the forever
prison of my soul

:: 02-27-2015 ::