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deeplying falling kissing wishing
hoping loving hugging believing
how a butterfly was a bug
inside a bag of tender skin

like me

lasting, blasting, feeling, crying
destroying, allowing oneself

to die____like you like me

We are all inside a room called life
dying climbing tearing the walls
wishing we could escape

no such thing

Our creatures say there’s more outside
but no one has seen the after-life

so like a bug inside a bag of tender skin
we dream we can become the butterfly
we love:

to fly away.

:: 03.18.2022 ::



swing your wings a slanted figure eight
make a lover of you outta me

move a mountain
move the air
move my heart
into a life

A perfect shape of my heart
butterfly organ make me cry
how you move never shadows
only pure light

Let’s do it
Let’s do it
under the shade
of a weeping willow

Nature have a fit upon the wings
of never-quit let’s shoot the shit
and make a human more equipped
to see the nature that keeps us fit

so flap your wings slanted figure eight
the lover of nature is One with All of us
and all of you.

Sweet nectar butterfly.

:: 03.16.2022 ::

JOURNAL: 07172020

TOO! i am too tired for Love___i drained
my member silently this day: of no love,
fanfare nor beauty i did this to die again/
the sun was rolling upon my house’s roof
and all the neighborhood dogs howled
in joy at the large yellow bouncing ball
of fire and death\and me –alone.

:: 07.17.2020 ::


PINK serenading colorish puffBLEW!
Fragile like my heart is on
this-IS most beautiful grouse moor
like evening that i must endure!

Endure i must a few caterpillars
to dance with you my pink propelled
flower-like butterfly!

Yes Robert! Yes! Butterflies are
self propelled flowers!”

To flutter someone MYHEART as you
flitter-do //that the many-who
never so much as do — to take
the time to be a butterfly too!

LIfe as a setting board has pinned
the many-most as chrysalis
— frozen like meaningless
many who never WHONEVER’ish
their way to oblivious ends.

:: 07-27-2018 ::


A butterfly sang
wingingly above
the lake of tonight
singing “so love the
firefly” and dipped
a tip of wing into
the heart of you
And the stadium of
ripples applause
all love and life
— too /the dark
stormy clouds of
all your thoughts\
You don’t love me
:plainly seen within
the space of your
eyes; unlike these
stars tonight
And if I can I should
forget you and still
love how the butterfly
sang: “You love me
my dear, so plain
and I keep a taste
of nectar just for
your heart my love”

:: 07-02-2015 ::


i cried cutting two knees
across the sidewalk
thinking i could run
through this thing
called life
i sat upon a grassy
hill fearing life
and saw a color
coming toward me;
butterfly!  come to me,
oh! come to me!
she gently sat upon my lap
easily turning pain
into a life from
a dark night
you were only waiting
for this moment to be
and butterfly i never
saw your colors but now
a painting life
like you i stroke
within all my heart!
she flew away — with
all my blessings

:: 03-01-2015 ::


I AM so I was
there I be
between the has
a step ahead
fire-time burn
Not to rest
yet to be
I surge upon
the emerald seas

A point in time
butterfly touch
convey emotion
will-power sees
weakness in fabric
time-winds tight
spinning busy
with-my cocoon-be



AND in this morning
— ice-baked skies
that I be drawn to the
glass-cold window
was a pleasant
— albeit utter surprise
To see — I did!
Across the way
beyond the oak
between the frost
and misty cloak
the Monarch
who flittered by!
The grand vision
— crystal snow
drifting flakes
against noble color
such a butterfly!