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Sad Cafe

It’s been so long
since I touched
the feeling of love.
I painted her face
on a sad canvas
in a cafe of lost love.
We knew that two hearts
were lost in pain,
like shipwrecked souls.
How it hurts when I saw
tears like swells;
oceans so lost at sea.
And I sent her my love
(all souls lost at sea).
It has been so long,
I couldn’t remember,
but I saw a wave crest
across my soul,
and she sent her love.
When she said,
“I’m a survivor lost
at sea, babe,”
I never wanted to
say goodbye.

:: 03.12.2023 Rev::


I am not the woman who makes nice
inside a kitchen nor without and
inside the bedroom. I do not like
the one with balls who squanders
family’s name for any sense of fame.

I prefer the soul who enjoys the

:: 11.15.2021 ::


Hey oh hey darling
  how the leaves fall
from trees
all my life please
   just touch the
fallen leaves
   take me so closer
to you :  i am far away
so far away until the
wearing of my heart
fades away like night:
tonight my heart is
on the loose || oh
   my girlhood could have
desecrated you;  avoid infecting
the world:  my insides purged
my bloody tales with teeth
as an animal of a clean savior
to scour love.
:: 08.02.2020 ::

blood AGAINST Chrome


So packed my bag and left home
i was so pissed at them
i decided to comfort people ;
to learn about the poison apple
and found their voice withing a
vacumm liquid from my lower ex-
tremities….. eating bugs &
writing words of expression i
came across a mental ward of
society called Humans ||| i had
no-thing too (yeah at them ||| they
were madder than an aborted baby)
oh baby there’s a gift card for
you all within Heaven and i am your
pupil of nasty decaying flesh
but our hearts are more: valiant
students move onward
–>so elated i became everything
they taught about life and poison
apple and all fruit-meaning


:: 07.23.2020 ::


i cried cutting two knees
across the sidewalk
thinking i could run
through this thing
called life
i sat upon a grassy
hill fearing life
and saw a color
coming toward me;
butterfly!  come to me,
oh! come to me!
she gently sat upon my lap
easily turning pain
into a life from
a dark night
you were only waiting
for this moment to be
and butterfly i never
saw your colors but now
a painting life
like you i stroke
within all my heart!
she flew away — with
all my blessings

:: 03-01-2015 ::


WE are part of
indeed part in
life and love
pain and sorrow…
Leave no stone
unstepped —
no heart untouched
daylight afire
nighttime desire



THIS my mind said to me:
like a babbling brook I dream
so clearly in my crystal waters
I smooth the surface of your soul
and beneath I tumble spirit-so…

As my thoughts rumble-flow
against the tide — your shoreless life
my banks constrict but do direct
across the eddies and whirlpools
toward the eventual waterfall
In the end you spill and splash