Daily Archives: March 15, 2015


I read the federalist papers
of your sun-scorned heart
a congress of pin-faced
something like dying babies
and purple smiles dying
in sun-beamed pixie twirls
>>she knew me<<
Yeah!  we ate sunflowers
drawing down our clothes
across that vastness field
of lies and dying fleshness
she kissed me on my bruised
bleeding lips >> a personal
note of all the corked-pinned
notes i left when my heart
gasped, “you’re personally
responsible…for my eternally
soul-sucking prose — tongue
and quill dying like i loved
watching silver snail walking
into eternity!”

:: 03-14-2015 ::

Sun Day Dreaming

we crushed love
being so easy!
just simply
you and me
yes longings linger
just singing,
‘sweet dreams
a dreaming’
we got to keep
a tip-toeing
across hearts
ain’t too simple
but bravely kissing
the sweetest dream
i beamed a sunday
dreaming windows
breathing wind
all across the sheets
of my only loving
i know;  and my
stars fading braving
your kiss lingering
all saying maybe
— sweet dreams
i always knew of you

:: 03-14-2015 ::


today i felt the smallest
the pin-pricked sunspot
upon my stretched soul
and today a molecule
said, ‘i’m bigger than you!’
it pulled down it’s pants
and smiled — but i’m not
like you!  Said i!
And produced the flesh
of my own — see!
I possess the universe
in every spot of my soul!

:: 03-14-2015 ::

About Tears

i better gather
falling tears
in mid-air
a thumbnail
gently places
the weeped sorrow
than screaming
returning home
I am better gathered
into bunches of
bundled love;
more-so than tears
that have hit the floor

:: 03-14-2015 ::


The step I took
forward met
my leaning shadow
to step upon one’s
head is meaning
thoughts shouting!
The step I took
backward sadly
upon the dead shadow
never said I love you!

:: 03-14-2015 ::

Glass of Merlot

after my first glass of Merlot
the world releases its painful
biting grip and although i always
know grass was sometimes green
i never knew just how green can
leap into a heart like a lover
too long separated from her love
kissing once again.  And just
because its that way I’ll have
another glass of Merlot.

:: 03-15-2015 ::