Daily Archives: September 19, 2017


THAT coalescing threat of fear, death,

That singular fact, it was not friendly

but a sound caressing the ears

Raising temperatures of moaning fever


And while dreaming was no release

And not evening wakefulness naively

Determined i found a third attempt

To relieve the crunching sounds so near


Inside of me i flew toward towers of

Steeples whose roofs were silver lips

And the colossal hips of Creator

And ghosts, demons, angels, and friars


AND all i see all without eyes

And all i taste so tasteful

Without lust upon the tip of tongue

Was this razor tipped extravagant mind


oh…  i believe

oh…  so believe

oh… my pilot of love


And a song from my ageless suit

of amour as hammers hoisted,

steel turning, piercing flesh

came the true friend: death


So… truth is sharp

so… who touches an edge

and is not cut to the soul


oh!  And all i see

is as the sun and

a colorful ground

beneath the breasts


of You

and the feeling

of all the Love

searching — i follow

the shadow of my married

one.  You.  Me.


:: 09-18-2017 ::