Daily Archives: September 16, 2017

in vain we search truth

who knows? we greet the growing greens
each spring that grow.
loving how nature keeps life growing
and growing is many things for
every mind that seeks just a single
answer. It is the single mouth
hungry for truth.
These legs we walk upon are freeing
themselves when walking through
mysterious paths of greenry and
then, sometimes we find a nest
or fallen trunk o’ tree in front
of our path. Do we stop?
All a part of the mind.
But the heart which knows;
has taken the bark into its
mouth. And the mind endure.
It is how the tears of clouds
fall toward the skies below
it’s bent knees. And by due
exchange chemistry for love.

:: 09-15-2017 ::


wishing i knew.
i know nothing
but know
that i am
wishing this
something we
all know.

it with no name
but confines us
to the four walls
of this wishing
room of madness.

i sometimes know
this something
but it’s bigness
is larger than
all life.

And at this moment
of knowing what
it is that we all
are wishing i know
its beauty is more.

so wishing is more
than what we can
ever have when
wishing is something
bigger than us.

:: 09-15-2017 ::


this night the wind is speaking softly
to me as aloft as a feather never
touching the ground.

and my love is a distance away.

That love comes to me it comes
mainly at night; when night is
a determined Spirit as so Love.

So my love as we both endure
exhaust from growing emotions as
flowers from Spring and at times
flakes of brilliant snow in cold
moments it is your eternal
hands and heavenly fragance that
exceed all space and time.

It is we who desire to endure!

:: 09-15-2017 ::