Daily Archives: September 24, 2017


Passion! how are you named?
If fire then that is your touch;
but at times gentle too, softly
burning a moment.

The yearning is clearly spoken
with eyes and lips. And feelings
to run up the lane for all day.
Yet the sun follows feeding you.

Passion! how are you named?
If by heart then hear me now:
a torrential storm upon my mind
and white-capping waves in mine too!

Life is more mere than words as wine
the dew as red as beating hearts
we two incarnadined lips and souls,
passion is our name and nothing less!

:: 09-24-2017 ::



AND Autumn is now full
it is coloring life.

The skies spread streaks of finding love,
the cool air, embracing, waving hands.

A moment captured is no prisoner
when two hearts share the moment.

The long lookers seeking sights
as numberless souls of time wishing.

And the orchestral and the hearts, as knowing
dream as dreams believe in the dreamer.

And nature provides these invited two
their loving silence.

We two stand up and express gratitude
through a mass of kisses and hugs.

The world is nature and we are too.

:: 09-23-2017 ::


In love, and half mad. I am stronger
holding my tongue and swear to nothing.

:: 09-23-2017 ::


With wide mind she went
as most behind a fake door
the insurmountable wakeness
as we sought Mercy

But she to the trees swaying
in the torrential storms
and licked the rain as tears
her victory won

IF i lose you, that
is my fear.

And i sing for Spring,
the bones of my self
ache for rebirth now.

Say it, that we all know
we wish a truth for love
as though without us

that we could never be

these Winds could be

as I hold this tree
I seek, I keep,

forever us free.

:: 09-23-2017 :



AS a lover i have forgiven everyone
but myself
AS a vegabon my bundle is what’s
left of a heart
That there is only one true love
and the rest shadows we chase
is nothing more than tragedy
And what of it. That
pain and suffering feel bright
and hurting: my love your love
feels bright and hurting too.
So life is everything within
the bundle I now carry as a poor
man. My only gift is truth.
and yet no coins to exchange
for this experience but I keep
it all for me and you.

:: 09-23-2017 ::