Daily Archives: September 26, 2017


there are large hearts and some
tiny Fingers clasping the
tender petals of teardrops
and if my own mouth large
it would taste and dare eat
the sun gloriously drenched
sanguine-golden promise

vertiginous and spiraling
like as when heads of daisies
by blue winded skies breath
twisting swaying in deep love
is how i think of you my love
is how i know i how’d is
this love more than art!

:: 09-26-2017 ::

Seriously What Would a Poet Be?

\\\SERIOUSLY, what would a poet Be
if all the words written were of
love? Desert. Dry. Fragments
of pieces of wishing? Who knows –
only you. But this I know.

we want only a few things in this
life: Sex, food, comfort, shelter,
and love.

Aside of that. The few remaining
awaken who dream wish a bit more.

truth, life, knowledge, and
the taste of GOD.

I’m sleeping on the right of the bed.
take the rest of it. \\\

:: 09-25-2017 ::


The tempo of life began as a whimpering limp
accelerated to words with drama and life
and the colors of the world drew me close

and so many unlike me fell to the
WAY SIDE of oblivion and obscurity
And the remaining flesh left with eyes
from the gutter looking at the world:

And the blood of my heart shifts as sands
of a dry bleeding sandstorm that keeps
each foot ahead of the other for I
am the conductor of my own words!

And there are times i believe my bones
are not living now but wishing under
all the weight of possible lives.

:: 9-25-2017 ::

Do We Outgrow Love

Do we outgrown love? No.
That love is great
is no surprise to humans.

We live within our skin
That is enough to say
love does not outgrow us.

But what is love? To think
a fleeting emotion for most
the garbage that needs taking out.

In our modernity we are compelled
to seek the best and strongest
that lasts forever until;

Our need to love grows
beyond the capacity of that
we paid to quell our needs.

This, unfortunately, is love
and flesh too. And we can
blame it upon consumerism.

Love is not a deed.
Life is not a landscape
that should be sold to the

one with the most money.

:: 09-25-2017 ::

We Are Nature and Nature Rules

AND WHAT IS the largeness of God?
All knowning and compassionate?
Judge, jury and executioner?
The beginning and ending of all?
the Alpha and Omega.
If so, then I am only one human,
a thing created by that One who
is surpassed by all things.
But this I do know: compassion
has no limits and greatness is
not confined to words. And
beginnings are not really
a beginning but moreso a
continuation of Life. And i am
focused on truth too.
My foot is within the ass of
all those who have polluted
the concept of a God; control
is their device but mine is
of Love and Patience. Let
the worlds’ institutions burn,
let the false words crumble,
and allow freedom of Sprit
to Rule: We are Nature.
And Nature Rules.

:: 09-25-2017 ::