Daily Archives: September 21, 2017


SIMPLY, the less if variables of life
We surpass.
In the most simplest accord we
Decline the complexity of most
Examples of truth
Deferring our weakness through
Knowledge that we are all within
The GREAT DARKNESS of history.

And which country, planet or
Heavenly realm may deny?
It has always been the
Diabolical plan to obfuscate
Understanding and why?

The truth is nothing of the
Likes we have imagined.

It creeps by ways of human
Urgency: art, poetry, music
And oratory finesse.

THAT we are creators
Imbued with the likeness
Of our Father. This Father
Is not father nor mother
But the genesis of all things
— Things with meaning; with

Strip away language and
Embrace intuition and emotion
And the truth is simply

:: 09-20-2017 ::


Where Earth ends oh where!
By the furthest shores?
By the cusp of a volcano?
By the edge of ship’s fall?

The unknown is not met dear
Until your lips touch mine
For the waves lap shores
For the volcano burns hot
For the ship has sails!

And our hearts — the golden
Ratio of divine proportion
And our thoughts the fabric
Of wakeful dreams so dream

We do!
We do!
We do!

Where Earth ends it ends
It ends within the space
Of our eternal hearts
It ends within the 7th wave
Of a message sent by love
It ends boiling as lava
Which flows between hands
And it ends at the bow

As our journey by the front
As our love by the front
As our dreams first my love

Our paradise is the lovely
Where angels weep gently
For the grace of our love
By the truth of all things
Namely the love of us!

:: 09-20-2017 ::