Daily Archives: October 3, 2017



so sometimes SOSomEtimes
i am unglued by time
i fail my b right days
and kiss black days
And so you are there
so beautiful within a
mindSET cradle — and
aching I get it: i’ll
get it right. IF now
I know how this is a
fate: the secret is that
I can choose any of those
timelines. It’s alright
it’s the light. And
i never met anything that
has ever broken me: my
council of 12 knows.

SO, i give you every
THING i am.
GAVE you every all of
heaven and the creme
of all hell. WE close
the door of the outside
WORLD — except for myself,
i give you everything i
am and my soul to release
the outside of life and
the rest can go to hell
girl, the rest is outside
of our own world.

:: 10-02-2017 ::