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Deep inside my mind
simply within my dreams
Who let the stars fall
down upon my head ?
All I was and am —
all we are when loved
//the heat and cold\\
a traveler of love
and hate — all revealed.

Take my hand and kiss
all of my tongues —
building towns and cities
–oh, oh…it’s clear
oh…oh… so simple!

Lady upon the white horse
naked and pure: oooh!
baby, I’m applying –\
no denying | oh!
ooooh! Yeah! I smell
the cherries upon the
Spring leaf of your thighs
–Oh! And all I see is
love — and the moon sunk

Come on, come on come one
As I see this razor land
can I find — can I find
Can I find yooooooooou

This story like time releases
me — a desert dream // a
minute within kasmire dream
a soft sikly four wind-sail
and no provision//just oh oh
just a deep dream deep dream

:: 11-29-2017 ::


You walked so congratulations
all across the opinions of
everyone you knew– so you won
Keep your Soul — hmm,
hmm, hmm, so it seems
you are so scared to live
instead, you use your words
hmm, hmm, hmm, your opinions
And now you break all those
hearts who believed in you
–today (within my heart
& head) the sun is bright
so I ate it and now I’m dazed
— so yeah hey! yeah! hey!
I was so lonely until I blamed
my head for all the faults of
my hurt for my lonely heart
so yeah! yeah!
So now I’m cured by the love
of living inside my loneliness
and I’m just fine –can’t wait
to meet love there.

:: 11-27-2017 ::


SO you hide yourself
within your skin closet
and it makes you happy
making happy faces outside
but you’re so sad within
breathing your lungs you
come back so come back
And if you breathe through
holes makes it so happy;
the monster who controls
the heart within your Soul
Now if you care about yourself
you will make yourself happy
You really drowned yourself
You really drowned your Soul
Now if you care for self
you will kick the holes
that the monster keeps you
from (and me) from our
happiness — you really,
you really can’t though!
You really knock the
You really knock the life
And kick yourself so you
so you knock us and kiss
the monster who controls
who controls the heart
the heart I always have
loved ~~ always so hide
yourself within your skin
closet and make it happy
making happy faces outside.
:: 11-27-2017 ::


Four leaves –> one dies
as before
Chains like a noose
My dear, a cartoon —
Cheerios and cool-aid
My knees bleeding /
mom I fell \ my mood
changed again / here again
_darkness again!
Save Kids and food
Watch wallet …
accounts like numbers
falling waters drowning
kids — but you don’t know
what it means but you don’t
want to know what it means
“We’re drowning/singing\
and you love us any who”/
We could ask for more —
hesitation like a whore
thinks what is darkness —
less or more?
We don’t ask and don’t ever
ask more | riding bicycles
we’re just youth in a degenerated
And Nice so nice to breath
Oh so nice to be just us.

:: 11-27-2017 ::


Click bate — bitch bate!
I hate the way you

No noose so lose you
give everything a
knock around!

Rape me: my throat
Rape me: my friends
Rape me: always again

So you watch me
looking always
through hateful eyes
cause I’m the only one
cause I’m the only one
cause I’m the only one

Watch all the other ones
so much like you wearing
the same clothes
So waste so fate comes
Again my love again my hate
from loving only you

My family says I’m a whore
God weeps especially so
since I gave It my Heart
Language is only characters
like souls – speechless so
So rape all of my loved ones!

Tell me you hate me
Tell me where you buried me
And we will always be there
to serve the deserved ones.
Youth is fire — age is mortar
and castle walls solid against
all that my brain knows.

Click bate — bitch bate!
I hate the way you
masturbate babe!

:: 11-27-2017 ::


i see the tower of impeccable love
mystics have played there before
and my bleeding heart too,
by the creek of golden waters
And my soul soaking love
my love by the sun: our hearts
eating light.

I have seen the history
of enchantment so many years ago
the numbers too large; too large
but not by love or the sun.
Too — like when hope is torn apart
and all that is realized is by
the sun we eat in part.

One by one so together; two
by different parts and legends
for good sake: we are loved
by the Sun!

Spirit! above flesh! The forgiveness
by goodness’ sake! Love is forever
and kindness for human’s-sake |

Let kindness be the wise visitor
Allow wisdom into your heart;
to be so secured is all the wisdom.
All of the good and to believe in
the good of man.

All of the good within this universe.


:: 11-22-2017 ::



WORDS are solid like symbols who make imagery numbers real
And it hurts when you look away; so afraid to meet real;
Where do your eyes roll? Inside a cave bone of human skull
and the rest, just, just decaying meat?

Mister Munster man — little lamb and ham
the tender feelings between my aching feels
like burning stars falling upon my bleeding eyes
and Modern Poetry is a deceased body of regurgitated
bile “ we need new renewed souls something like

the discarded embryo’s some use as a contraceptive
device //my priceless advice __> not any chance,
keep your words to yourself less they invade my
perfect thoughts about horror || she took away
during the middle of the day the unborn dreams
of someone (like always “somebody else”) put
the foot of a heel upon the throat of one who
never spoke! NEVER! EVER! EVER! FOREVER!

And so many loose eyes rolling around within the
world’s skull

so many eyes
so many lies
so many deaths
so many lost chances
to make the world a wonderful place.

:: 11-22-2017 ::

QUESTIONS OF LIFE III – To Turn on the Life of My Heart

I turn on the light of my heart
and there it burns away the darkness

And why do not most people know
hate and anger are that diseases
known as barely living life?

It (for me) is the greatest mystery!
Are not we all weak and frail:
by flesh and bone? And that historical
amnesia by natural disasters and war?

Why? Why do educated people (by money paid)
believe they know all?

And can you believe in just one of your
dreams tonight?

:: 11-19-2017 ::


WHERE love stood i was hiding
(beneath the briar within
the wilderness)
And my heart was that cloud
safely looking toward the
soft soil of our commitment.

I was the body: hid beneath
a tunnel and the light of love
flew — fled from me, and this
night has never seen sun nor
skin or lips kissing as ours
did that time I died.

This body of my woman; the
essence of romantic poetry and
your voice higher beauty
than angelic voice!
This written in deepest despair;
my thirst, my untethered desire,
my heavy load in this life!
My eternal ache,and I hear the
river of life — where this
infinite thirst does flow!

:: 11-18-2017 ::


Is the heart the chamber of love?
ANd does the butterfly weep?

Was Einstein the equation of compassion?
And Geometry the study of a woman’s curves?

Do fish go to detention if not in schools?

And stars; pinprick holes so God can
see what we do with our Souls?

:: 11-18-2017 ::