Daily Archives: October 1, 2017

Dream the Quantum Dream

I dream the quantum dream
in another place
Like world events somewhere
are no concern reflected
I feel connected at times
by tears as like bullets
And Jesus come save me
My tears are steam
My heart a scream.
It’s all a dream
It’s all myself
a photographic
dysmorphic laceration
and so I scream.
Born on a way-Station
light-years from you
and blown way down
into your world —
I scream. I scream.
Gentilia your satisfaction
and I’m a vessel for infection
never disregarding intellect
so I scream disregard affection.
And the year is Rooster
and I should know
so now I go — simplicity
is a reason for necessity.
and I scream this is our world.
:: 10-01-2017 ::


MELODIES, These songs of life!
that i have watched the sun
sink below my own heart.
i have touched the tears
of the love of my angel
and have ventured up toward
the greenest pastures of all
to find a butterfly resting
upon a fallen tree;  is where
i choose to be my dear.
The moment is quiet and
the hawk screaming
the clouds are roaming
as does this empty soul.
A world upon the perch
of a handheld love
the shadows of sorrow
the mouth encased by
imponderables so.
Dream, dream. And dream.
  Answers within the night,
tears upon the pillow,
  that we all dear fight!
:: 10-01-2017 ::

I have not a Mouth nor a Brain

I have not a mouth nor a brain
and not a body for conveyance
but a thought is mine.

I know many have wondered;
death, death, death —
to what end is finality?

No ending but always as always
beginnings; mostly bright
colors and rushing sounds by.

Not a dream nor a waking moment;
but the in-between compromise
and serenity we go by that way.

The actor releases one costume
then decides upon another persona
and learns lines for the stage.

AND wishing the curtain falls
upon roses and much-desired


:: 10-01-2017 ::