Daily Archives: October 11, 2017


WITHIN my humble thoughts
i ate the worms and all
the life i chose beat all
down upon my face
and left, was a hole —
the womb of my own life.

Walking down the straight
streets i remembered a
more gentle race AND
remember all i am
is revealed ~

oh, oh, i am clear
oh oh no, leave me alone.
So the elders of a council
of twelve told me: all shall
be revealed. I took a book
off eternity’s shelf: the
bright light said, “if you
read one book so shall you
have read them all.”

Something sang like a
building grace — not a word
I could ever relate but was
quite clear. Oh, oh. dear.
IF my top of days are
good then I know the end
so near. Met a butterfly
flittering fluttering like
eyes of the dearest loved
ones i know; so now we go.
upon the steeple of roofs
and down unto the unknown.

:: 10-11-2017 ::

LOVE the single and only EXTRAORDINARY

IF there is one love for all

then  love is simply

s t r e t c h ed  small

Love; the singular tear drop
fallen upon a mountain large:
which finds a path through
stone and dirt until reaching
center bottom.


the single and only

EXTRAORDINARY  as twlight’s
first throated burst of
mornings or evenings |
and IF there is one love
for all      if for all

then I have met Love
which is why I love all.

:: 10-10-2017 ::

A Force of Spirit

POETRY is the force of Spirit
and has no hand in human
dwelling; all prose by
human hand expressed by
Soul and Heart is complete.

These are the words of something
transcendental which surpasses
humanity: race, religion, sex,
and politics.

I am endowed by the great poets
and their words; but refrain
from the injected thoughts
of ingrained humanity.

We as a race of humans are
endowed too by their prose
but I care not for any thought
of politics, religion, and the
rest of that messy goo.

If the eye can rest
and the heart can run
allow them two to meet:
every other ‘thing’ is
objectified by the flesh.

:: 10-10-2017 ::