Daily Archives: November 4, 2017


all alone
within my heart
i bleed.

Then again,
we dream to
live and die
all over again.

IN all the world
and universe
we scream again
singing screaming

IN all my life
i never knew a
voice like ours
you hold my cold hand

and so we go so far
so far away
so far so far away
it leaves the living
cold and somewhat dead.

and the weak and begging
ask for a handout
and say it’s been so far
and long since I’ve know
kind love.

:: 11-03-2017 ::


BORN into a fire
as loud as cannon
Declared DEAD before
the message of urgency
Kissing memories
holding insides
between swearing words
and all this pain
is a pentance for
this end; of loving you
of living you.

Dirt, blood, guts, and
bravery so biblical
and angels weep but
devils laugh so this
is the end? Is this
the end?

I wash away I wash away
this evil within my heart.
I kiss the end between
her lips and sing …

“Undeclared victory is
empty spaces inside your
heart ; tomorrow is strange
and history we cannot remember
is full of war and dying words”
\this is not the end/
Wash away! I declare an
emergency of urgency ~
your love is hallow and
empty like false dreams!
Watch me Watch Me Watch Me

:: 11-04-2017 ::


THE little tree is life
the mouths of first born
man and woman say:

“I don’t care — I(can’t
)won’t so go away go away
–> so i am he has you
are we and we are together:
see how they run from spirit
–>so we die.
Sitting upon a
rock with burning sun in a
smiling walrus face and so
pretty are the Souls ; crying.

Pulled up to a TigerMart
searching cigarettes and
black tongue tar pit lips:
Left my .357 inside my Mind
and asked for Silver label.

Don’t walk upon my Soul bitch
so self-assured: i am one
man who has gone his own way
IF a lifetime is lonely but
without freeze-brain stupid
flesh knees: “yes, yes, yes,
oooooh yes” I wasn’t once
convinced: the vagina must
be slain. Must be bled
once and for all.

:: 11-04-2017 ::