Daily Archives: November 15, 2017


as the immortal
flame.  It beats
within all regal
colors of pain,
and joy!
I am sofar and
currently lost
;alone in the sea
of crashing waves
of the life of ocean
and filled with life!
But dear, this ache
to fill your bough
of fruits with my
sweet nectar; the
bumblebee bumbling,
the sun proud heat!
Oh magnificent and lovely
Soul!  Our circle closes
within us tighter and one
day only us within a world
full of mercy and beauty.
And sadness away as dying
flowers between seasons!
:: 11-15-2017 ::


my stake (you) my dreams thick
takes our oxygen away
like the edge of all things
further away than reality
begins the reel-to-reel
pasted light upon the wall
too sweet and horrifying
(this hope) afraid I’m never
going to awake from this
dream of delirious thoughts
–>so forget about me.
The dear caught in barbed-wire
we never knew how far and fast
superman could fly, but digress,
bones and flesh are the curses
of spirits trapped in human form.
So come let’s go back to school
and become leaders of the most
indescribable thing we call reality.
:: 11-14-2017 ::


I am forgiving; forgiving for the
amount of love within my heart —
for the amount of Spirit and Soul
that this body encases.

To realize existence is not to be
alive but to acknowledge our physical
limitations and the emotions of being
simply fragile humans.

Living is dying and we do so slowly.

But do your fingers feel the sun
or the colors of a Spring or Fall?
Do your feet taste the blades of
green grass while running toward
the next beautiful dream?

My mouth eats the moon,
my heart the oceans,
my eyes all things,
my ears music of
the small voices
called society.

And I love everyone.

:: 11-14-2017 ::