Daily Archives: November 23, 2017


i see the tower of impeccable love
mystics have played there before
and my bleeding heart too,
by the creek of golden waters
And my soul soaking love
my love by the sun: our hearts
eating light.

I have seen the history
of enchantment so many years ago
the numbers too large; too large
but not by love or the sun.
Too — like when hope is torn apart
and all that is realized is by
the sun we eat in part.

One by one so together; two
by different parts and legends
for good sake: we are loved
by the Sun!

Spirit! above flesh! The forgiveness
by goodness’ sake! Love is forever
and kindness for human’s-sake |

Let kindness be the wise visitor
Allow wisdom into your heart;
to be so secured is all the wisdom.
All of the good and to believe in
the good of man.

All of the good within this universe.


:: 11-22-2017 ::



WORDS are solid like symbols who make imagery numbers real
And it hurts when you look away; so afraid to meet real;
Where do your eyes roll? Inside a cave bone of human skull
and the rest, just, just decaying meat?

Mister Munster man — little lamb and ham
the tender feelings between my aching feels
like burning stars falling upon my bleeding eyes
and Modern Poetry is a deceased body of regurgitated
bile “ we need new renewed souls something like

the discarded embryo’s some use as a contraceptive
device //my priceless advice __> not any chance,
keep your words to yourself less they invade my
perfect thoughts about horror || she took away
during the middle of the day the unborn dreams
of someone (like always “somebody else”) put
the foot of a heel upon the throat of one who
never spoke! NEVER! EVER! EVER! FOREVER!

And so many loose eyes rolling around within the
world’s skull

so many eyes
so many lies
so many deaths
so many lost chances
to make the world a wonderful place.

:: 11-22-2017 ::