Daily Archives: November 30, 2017


Deep inside my mind
simply within my dreams
Who let the stars fall
down upon my head ?
All I was and am —
all we are when loved
//the heat and cold\\
a traveler of love
and hate — all revealed.

Take my hand and kiss
all of my tongues —
building towns and cities
–oh, oh…it’s clear
oh…oh… so simple!

Lady upon the white horse
naked and pure: oooh!
baby, I’m applying –\
no denying | oh!
ooooh! Yeah! I smell
the cherries upon the
Spring leaf of your thighs
–Oh! And all I see is
love — and the moon sunk

Come on, come on come one
As I see this razor land
can I find — can I find
Can I find yooooooooou

This story like time releases
me — a desert dream // a
minute within kasmire dream
a soft sikly four wind-sail
and no provision//just oh oh
just a deep dream deep dream

:: 11-29-2017 ::