Daily Archives: June 23, 2020


True how love never fades away
there within the dark pines
where everything is tangibly real
as the phosphorus celestial moon
affects oceans & hearts;
as one day is every day —
chasing each other.

emotions tears from south
& north eating west and east
the rarest of sights: a snowflake
in June kneeing my ship of ta-to-to-too
uncovering my Heart as a ship
with a black cross — a pirate navigating
by way of a silver gull. Still, and so,
i arise before the yellowed-yoke of the Sun!
crying! As i dry my wet soul.

:: 06.23.2020 ::


A WORLD too much – – so morning broken
sun and soon the place of much:  
a waste of beautiful powers:  that we see
spending sweet wages upon vaporish
fantastical wishes;
    Romeo as Juliet — little light of Nature
that might have been like the fresh Sea
bares creation through destruction — sand castles
of me less forlorn;  
Oh sweet new faults teaching me i am a new born
what moves us is not but through Great God
 hearts out of tune;  my mind is not evening
but morning’s eager Triton who blows his
wreathed horn.    Fresh from Eternity Unto
This World.

:: 06.22.2020 ::