Daily Archives: June 14, 2020


i was a winding windy road full of turns
as curves possessed by you; i was a
morsel of many moments — you fired up a
temper when born__ i love you ?and hated you:
— if someone like wonduring thoughts
like my jealously — too hard too greedy
–you possessed me: i fall catching fully
my what-would-be what-would-be when i needed
you –> hated you: every night and my wonder-be
my wonder-be is if you catch me so i j u m p
so far can you see? so far allow the animal?
— if it gets dark if it’s kind’a a mind
lost within you within me__ my mantra: my mantra
i love every-night and my wonder-be my wonder-be
i cannot catch my throat…please be my always
that wonder-be —ooh if you got it — imagination.

:: 05.11.2020 ::


all within my diffused Brain
and even though within my head
the rain flows down toward my
heart:  trying to use words that
are of no avail / i do not doubt
i stand alone with the only
truth i know;  i know i am more
than a storm but the beautiful
Light above bruised skies

:: 05.24.2020 ::


Into the splendor
of the day’s sunlight
Into the tender fray
of love’s sight

I kiss you
I kiss you
I kiss you

We wander along
together ~
singing our song
So much stronger
falling in love
while dancing
to birdsong

And I don’t care
what the day may bring
as long as the bird’s
sing and the moon
brings me to you

I’ll always take
~ a chance
I’ll always sigh
~ a little sigh

while stealing
a little kiss
from my Love

While dancing with
my love within the
dreamy moonlight

And singing along
with the birdsong
all night long

:: 02-08-2018 ::


WITHIN golden fields of Wheat,–above dying Souls,
tender-pink hearted flowers, gray shadows behind
now: oblique thoughts around disks of sorrowful
memories that challenge the brightest of any
brilliant day,
i expected no thing THEN THIS!
upon a carpet of Earth, of silver filigree,
the emotions of pouring molten golden-pieces
of my feelings; two solid legs as columns
supporting this Soul of mine!

sapphire eyes off the cliff of imponderable
existence comes treasures around the rocks
of my spirit-river: the age of time an illusion
as any moment we breath — the chorus of singing
birds — young and strong!

:: 06.12.2020 ::


MY HAND is never choked by a paralyzed Voice—
within me as all is a beast of Earth partly
then Soul & Spirit by the Heaven’s named God___
the sun blinds my senses while i walk upon
the soiled weeping screaming dying lands of here
and maybe now. Now is not the past is not was
the future is more than the beginnings of Life whose
moments become memories — every all’s are every now’s
and lately my famous characters of written -forgotten
what’s feel trapped by the common condition of a skin-
suit we all shall shed one day if ever OR?
never. which is a human concept as there is always
more than this creature called ‘never.’
Never is a spoke or written emotion dying.
but always alive before this__thing we call existence.

:: 06.12.2020 ::