Daily Archives: June 16, 2020

The Birth of Fire and Air

The sun, calmed by the souls that Life feeds
pours burning and sweetest night’s air
to Listen is as water flowing over the surface
of smooth river rocks — How & now melancholy
are the naked shingles of Earth very full-
blooded;  to hunger for the antique youth
of someone else we once dismayed — the immense
pullulation of all embryos!
  In  the bellicose weakened birthing morning
of yellow sun’s Light are physical masterpieces,
the violent gums and silver-hammering beating
flowing heart’s blood!  As my heart began to beat!

    I followed a swallow into the open fields;
my feet as crystal columns broken by themselves
upon my thin neck!

:: 06.15.2020 ::


SWEET music hungry waves
/a loud flight of birds\
sunlight before my dark shades of dimmed
complexity, — /all memories beating against
the shores of sands ebbing through yellow
foilage of my heart’s bent alder-waist
, an image caught within my biolight –>
regret, melancholy honey by
99F of a distant murmur of dried moist
black mittens held by hungry kittens:
feed me feed these mouths of
murderousClaws agate, ?she hid?
in the other too finding sweetness
eyes of gold and onyx
my ex-mistressess — muite and screaming
from the depths of all their graves
echoing a voice, I raise!

:: 06.15.2020 ::



TH3n the sky so pale  as trussed trees     !
     hips smiled at brightly red leafs
to nonchalance a floating Lightly;
       excesses of wrinkled pools of gentle
    tendered skin’d papers of a foolish
poet:  diligently carving thoughts into
        lonely shades of limed avenues
: rendered mordant blue.


   Deceivers of charming coquettes
bow–>  although the paint wet
 dreaming wishingly devouring/

:: 06.15.2020 ::


S C R E A M I N G winds
this dream! STRANGE
and penetrating
of WHO’S ever
unknown, whom i once loved?
who loved once me?
and who’s never —
each moment of this moment
no longer piercing
my tender hearted death
clear for her alone, is
no longer a problem…
deeply digging a grave
for two how cool the sweat
upon my brow with her
cry ing & weeping:
her’s to understand while
standing deeply withing the
grave she digs.

:: Rose thick and black ::


i don’t        have pleasantries
   while i cry … losing you
i don’t        have anything
   since i don’t have you
i don’t        have romantic eyes
   and no happy heart
   oh  no happy things
       since i lost you
       the day you walked out
on me –>  oh
i don’t        have any more love
       to share
       oh mother she left
 ___since i lost you
       oh you oh you oh you
       no more hope & dreams
since you misunderstood
   a confused mind & heart
i don’t i don’t have anything
       since i lost you.
  When you walked out on me
I walked in misery.
      so i don’t have love
               to share
   since i don’t have you.

:: 06.15.2020 ::